Thursday, April 18, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 21

Today's Demystifying the Male is slightly different. I asked the guys to instruct and educate. LOL Here's what I asked them to tell us:

1. Rate the sensitivity of the cock and ball parts (head, rim, shaft, scrotum, testicles, taint) We want to know which areas are most sensitive to least.

2. What is the preferred method of play on each part (touch, stroke, lick, suck, nibble, etc)

This is how they answered.

1. The head that I can only take so much, more so if I have just came. Although I love watching my cock vanish in a mouth, but the head is way sensitive.

2. What is the preferred method of play on each part (touch, stroke, lick, suck, nibble, etc) I love watching TV and having my balls rubbed, that is probably my version of a dog having its belly rubbed. I love wet head, meaning just let it flow from your mouth, then I liked to be stroked, wow no other feeling in the world. I also love having my balls sucked on, back to petting the dog. While I do love fucking, there is just something about laying back and enjoying a nice long slow blowjob.
Now at times I do like to take control, and enjoy a nice face fucking.

1. The most sensitive part for me is the head. Man once there is any kind of sexual interaction kissing rubbing it  starts  tingling. Now when i am being piped off that sensation is 10 times more sensitive wow is really all i can say. Next would be the balls now this sensation is either great or awful. the awful part is the blue ball syndrome lol. The taint is next then everything else is about the same.

2.  The head again is the most sensitive part and having it licked and sucked on defiantly intensifies everything. Now having this done while being piped off before i cum makes me personally feel like my whole body is gonna explode.The testicles i love being licked and nails raked gently against. the taint wow a feeling all it's own. I love having my taint licked and the nails raked across gently. Man its great even after the sex to have it just played with. The shaft has to be licked sucked stroked with a twist. The wetter the better the sensation ohh yeah, especially after being inside a nice warm wet pussy.


1. I would give everything tip, shaft, balls the same sensitive rating until you get to the rim of my dick just below the head. That area circling my dick is super sensitive and as you move along the ridge to the underside it gets even more sensitive.  It is sensitive enough that with little effort you can get me off quickly with just the right movement in this area alone.  But once I do, you need to back off this area for a few minuets because it goes crazy sensitive.  Everything else is fair game till that area settles down.

2. For how I like my balls played with you need to check out DtM 7, as for the rest of me........ Here goes.  Shaft   Get your hands on it, both of them, there is plenty of room and keep them moving and keep my guessing.  Twist, rub between palms, fingertips only, slide down or slide up only, etc.  Sucking or licking is a bonus and gentle biting is allowed.  Just a gentile reminder what you could do to us is exciting.  You don't always have to take him down your throat to get to the shaft, you can come in from the side as well.  Just don't drag your teeth along the shaft and that goes for nails as well.
When is comes to playing with the rim, just below the head you can do the same but just be little gentler with it since it is more sensitive.  Little treat is to have your hands come up the shaft so all your finger tips are touching the rim of my dick.  If you have nails you can press them there too and very gently message the rim.  At that point I am pretty much paralyzed and you now own me.
Once you get to the tip of my dick you still do the same things but you can be a little more aggressive.  Biting harder on the tip as I am cumming give me an explosive orgasm.  I have looked down and had teeth indents on the head of my dick and a smile on my face, little pain with a lot of pleasure.
The opening at the tip can be played with as well, gently bite, lick or message with finger tip or finger nail as I am coming is a treat too.  If we are playing, keep changing methods, if you a trying to get me off, you will be able to tell what is pushing me over the edge and keep doing it.


  1. Wow~ Fabulous job, guys. I'm thinking you all need to give a workshop on this at RomantiCon. hehe....

  2. Very useful information, indeed. LOL! Cara. A workshop with pictures or a hands on kind of workshop? My bad, did I say that?

  3. Nice, and perfect timing. Off to revamp my BJ scene...