Thursday, April 11, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 20

1. Describe the perfect 'night out' or 'night in' for you. Can be anything from your favorite meal to a hockey game, to some kinky thing you would love to have done to you. Whatever you would LOVE to experience for an awesome date/date-night.

Vile: The perfect night. Well mine would start at noon. I would have a Limo pick Arianna up at noon, and take her to a day spa. She would get a full body work over, complete with meal and wine. At six pm the Limo would then pick her up and bring her to the marina, where I would meet her. We would board a yacht, that would take us to a remote island. Once on the island I would prepare dinner for her. While we are eating Dinner Jose Da Hood would be spinning some slow jams for us. After dinner under the moonlit night, I would be reading Arianna one of Lea's hot erotic books.
Lea Note: I love the plug for my books, Vile! Thanks! :)

Ramrod: I would say start with a movie (preferably a comedy) and have dinner a Swensons drive-in.  Come home, turn on the radio, turn down the lights and start fooling around.  After we are both good and wound up, take our clothes off (if they are not off already) and make love till we are out of breath.  When we are all done, head to the bedroom and fool around a little more and go to sleep naked and satisfied.  My fantasy version would have a walk on a beach after dinner that would end naked on the beach making love under the stars and going to sleep right where we lie.

Brian: My awesome night would be going to a steak house and having and awesome dinner. I would then love to go to a country concert. The three artist playing together would be Luke Bryan, Thompson Square, and Florida Georgia Line. We would enjoy great music and a great time. Then I would love to go for a walk on the beach or a walk somewhere quiet with the moon shining bright and beautiful up above. We would find somewhere and throw the blanket down. We would then begin to have the most amazing sex of our lives. I would prefer to do it on the beach, always been a fantasy of mine. I know the sand can be awful for a woman but at least somewhere we can hear the waves rolling up as we are into each other.

2. Have you ever been in over their head, sexually, with a woman (was she more dominant) and how did you handle it?

Vile: I have never been with a Dominant female, so I really have no answer. I have always been the one in control. I have seen a Domme in action and I have no desire to put myself in a situation like that.

Ramrod: I am usually the more dominant or kinkier one.  I do have fantasies of being completely sexually dominated by a woman or women, but that is another story.

Brian: Yes I have been in over my head a few times. The worst time out of all of them, though: We were out drinking and she was all over me, which is always a good thing. I had heard stories that she was a freak and crazy in the sack, so of course I wanted to see for myself. We get home and things are going smooth not seeing the crazy wild side yet. We start the rubbing, kissing and such. I pull her panties down and go to my signature move and begin going to town eating her out. She is moaning and squeezing her legs around my head to the point I can not breathe. I feel her start to tremble as she is bout to explode in my mouth. She does and little did I know that I had awaken the beast inside. That's when the control I had was gone. I am a control freak and have never lost that control till this night. She pushed me off the bed to the floor and starting pinching and biting things I never knew could be. She started spanking me which startled me cause I've never had this done to me. Come to find out wasn't too awful. She was a woman who took what she wanted and I didn't like it that night. I felt weird. I lost control over the situation and I hated that. That made the sex not good at all. Now I was young when this happened. I don't mind a woman being like this I just wanna have some part of control in whats going on but it was like a demon took over hahaha.
Lea Note: Again, chuckling... seems I have a batch of Alpha males for DtM!

3. What's the most unreasonable/scary/no-I-won't-go-there sexual request a woman has ever made? 

Vile: Okay this is sick. I met a woman sometime ago who was into bathroom play, now golden showers I am into , they are hot. The other I have no interest in at all. To each their own.

Ramrod: Nothing scared me yet, I am open to suggestions.
Lea Note: Hmm, with some of the ladies that I know read this, that could be a very interesting topic of discussion!

Brian: The most terrifying thing a woman has ever asked me to do was she wanted to bring her toys out n play. I was all like hell yeah this could be fun. We start playing and after awhile she says now its my turn to use them on you. I was like ohh hell no you are not. Nothing goes in the outbox hunny. No one or no thing is going down the Hershey Highway. Gross. That was scary.
Lea Note: Hmm... I find this chuckle-worthy. You might have liked it! ;)

4. Have you ever given up something important to you to maintain a relationship? Was it worth it?

Vile: Yes I have some 13 years ago I felt I needed to change who I was, I wanted a normal vanilla life, and a child. Well I married and shortly after we had a son. The first year was okay, after that I missed being me. I lasted almost nine years. I was miserable, and a total wreck. The sex was lousy, everything about it was lousy.
So I sat her down and I came clean, about who and what I was. She asked for a divorce. I left the house with a duffel bag and my motorcycle. I gave her the house, and eighty thousand dollars.
What one will do to be happy. I will be me from now on. Fuck The Vanilla world, lets just get naked and get VILE

Ramdrod: My freedom and No, I ditched the bitch.  She knew how much time it would take to drive home from work and if it took 30 seconds longer......she would go psycho on me.  I was not allowed to see friends and even was hard to visit family.  She got mad at me for buying a regular cab truck and wanted me to trade it in because it was not a family vehicle.  We were only dating for less than a few months at the time.  After enough time I said fuck this, it is not worth fucking this.
Lea Note: I heard the 'Psycho' music in my head when I read this. WOW!

Brian: Yes I have given up a lot of things to maintain relationships. I have to say it has been fifty fifty on both side of it, but it was worth it. I think if you really care about someone you always give something up for that person. It should be given up voluntarily not pushed to be done.


  1. Wow. Such emotion in this week's answers, and yet so many things I could take so many different directions. The mind boggles.

  2. Y'all are amazingly honest as always. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. My mind is working overtime with Ramrod's answer to question 3.
    And Vile I can't help but comment on your answer about the Domme.
    You said that you don't want to put yourself in a situation like that. Aren't you putting the woman in the position you don't want to be in? Just curious.

    1. Ahh very good point my Lady. I have never forced anyone to do something against their will. My attraction is those who are submissive. I have had a Dominant personality for as long as I can remember, so to be with a female dominant we would only clash.

      Although I prefer those who are submissive it is a willing relationship. I never cross their line, be it mental, physical, or verbal.

      I have much respect for women, and I am totally against abuse of any kind.

    2. Thanks so much for the clarification. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

  4. I cracked up on the "Hershey Highway" comment from Brian! Thanks for that. I had never heard it called THAT before. Ha ha!!!

  5. Loved this. As always. Great reading guys. Thanks for sharing your deep dark secrets! Awesome Lea.