Thursday, April 4, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 19

If you had to chose a method of getting off with a partner that didn't involve penetration, what would it be and why? (So, tittie-fuck, between the ass cheeks, hand job, etc)

Ramrod: Well, if I can't get in your pussy, I can still get off by your pussy.  Saddle up and get ready for some hotdogging.  If you don't have protection, not ready for all out sex or are just wanting to try something different, then to me this is the next best thing.  You are taking apart of your body that very few get to see or even touch and are jacking me off with it.  It can be done with either of us on top but if you want to do it hands free then you want to keep you panties on to hold my dick up against you better.  It will also contain the mess when we are done.  The bonus for you with keeping the panties on is you can pretty much give me an instant hard by showing me those same panties again later and you don't have to even be wearing them.  I just have to see them.

Vile: I cannot believe you used the word Tittie fuck. I would say a hand job. There is a lube called Wet and that is just what it is wet, feels like, well it is just intense. To have my girl laying between my legs, looking in my eyes while she is slowly jacking me off, hearing those wet noises. It just blows my mind.
Starting off real slow, then building up for the climax. Wow. WET
Lea note: I laughed, because I couldn't think of another way to word it. What else is there? Where's Jose with his urban vocab? 

Brian: I would so choose tittie fuck but all though I've never tried between the ass cheeks. Now what's so beautiful and hot bout the tittie fuck. I love, love, love big beautiful boobs. It is great when a woman will suck on my cock and and then let me rub one out between her boobs. Now I don't ever wanna be mean and shoot my load in her face unless she absolutely loves that then its on like Donkey Kong buddy. I understand that sex usually is never like it is in porn but tittie fucking then shooting my load on them and she plays with her titties and licks it off sizzles.

How likely are you to take out the karma sutra for inspiration? Is there any position you've always wanted to try but were afraid of snapping in half like a twig? (either their backs or their cocks)

Vile: You know I went to a Titty Bar a couple of yrs ago, and a dancer backed up to a pole, once she started dancing, a few minutes into the song her back was still touching the pole, but both of her legs were now behind her neck wrapped around the pole. I had just taking a drink of Jack and when I looked up I almost spit my drink out. I was in love to have all three holes open, the way she looked. Surely the most incredible thing I have ever seen. To be that flexible, and not look like your in pain.
I did ask her to marry me. So now when I meet someone that is one of the first questions I ask, just how flexible are you? I am not sure if this falls under the Karma Sutra, if it does not it should be at the top of the erection list.

Ramrod: I have tried some of the positions that I know I can get into comfortably but the one position I haven't, requires flexibility on your part.  Having you lie on your back an put your feet behind your head.  This would give me a great view of my dick going in and out of your pussy as we are fucking.  I can lean forward and have a lot of body contact with your arms, legs, breasts, etc or lean back and the only part of our body touching would be my dick and your pussy.  If you can flex like that, I would probably would be taking a another look at karma sutra book for more ideas and use it for more inspiration.

Brian: Now I am naive and will admit I have never seen the karma sutra book. I have done pretty much all I have seen besides anal. So I really don't know lol..... Now I'm going to buy the book to enlighten myself and try some new positions hahaha...... Eiffel Tower j/k
Lea Note: You can get most of the positions on your phones with free apps. Just search Karma Sutra... Not that I have 3 or 4 different ones or anything... *smirks*

Does an erection ACTUALLY hurt if you can't do anything about it? (you know, the whole 'oh, baby, I'm hurting so much.)

Ramrod: It depends on how wound up I am when I get one.  If I am sporting morning wood or boner from being turned on in some way, No as long as the stimulation doesn't continue.  But if there is extended direct stimulation like licking, rubbing or fucking to get things built up to cum, then there can be discomfort or pain.  It also takes the mind set that I will be expecting to get off.  It is relaxing having my dick gently played with.  You can rub it for hours if you want with out causing blue balls as long as I don't think you are trying to get me off.  I will cycle between rock hard to soft to hard again depending on how long you play with me and what distractions are happening around us but never be in pain when you stop.  Now if you are trying to get me off and for what ever reason stop before the big finish, that can hurt.  The more intense the orgasm building up and the closer to the point of no return, the more my balls will hurt when you stop.

Vile: Wow I used that trick in high school, sometimes it worked sometimes not, did get a couple of hand jobs and head though. Nah it does not hurt. Well if I wake up with a pee hard-on and role over, yea maybe a little. Could look funny walking down the street. As far as pain, nah.

Brian: Now I have never had an erection that actually hurt. Now I have definitely fooled around enough and then nothing happened to get blue balls. Blue balls hurt and it sucks so bad. Getting all turned on rubbing and grinding and not releasing owwwwww lol

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  1. Hats off to you guys once again for the honest answers. Still trying to think of what I can do with blue balls. :)

  2. Women should ask more questions even if not sexual. Have you not ever thought on the first date what the guy sitting across from you is thinking? Or maybe why when out on a date the guy walks slightly behind you so he can just watch your ass.

    I man has a sexual thought every thirty seconds. I think I am like every fifteen seconds.

    There has to be questions you women want honest answers to.

  3. Great job, guys. You know, Vile, your comment does make me wonder exactly what the heck guys DO think on first dates. What are your serious expectations as far as how far you want to go, etc. AND what do you consider a perfect date?

  4. Once again, y'all hit it out of the park. And I'm pretty sure I used hotdogging in one of my books...maybe two? *frown* I can't remember now, but yup, always good information to have, guys!