Monday, March 11, 2013

Newest Acceptance with Ellora's Cave- Wired in Sin

Mornin'. I've been sitting on this news for a few weeks awaiting the go-ahead to send in my contract. But, now that I've done that....

I have news!

My newest acceptance with Ellora's Cave is called 'Wired in Sin'.

Victoria is a ‘made’ succubus. She fights her nature and hates having to feed off of others to survive. She has founded a company, SIN Incorporated, that uses magic and technology to give succubi and incubi a way to feed without actually touching anyone. Phone sex has never been so intimate.

Vic finds that after a meeting in which she senses her mate, she can’t let the thought go that she should have made contact. Fear and frustration holds her back. Memories of men she’s killed and her own attack keep her from pursuing the one man made to be hers.

Dominick isn’t going to sit back and wait for Victoria to come to her senses. He bribes a friend, Gynger, into getting him on Victoria’s list of clients. He woos her with gifts but will that be enough to win her and make her overcome her fears?

Here's a little unedited snippet (which means you can't hold the editing against me!)

            “I’m not laughing at anything. Knock much? Do you often just wander into someone’s apartment without the decency of ringing their doorbell?”
            “Don’t get all haughty with me, Vic. I did ring, and I knocked. You’ve been sitting there for over five minutes staring into nothing. I was going to throw something at you, but thought better of it.” Vic watched a shadow of concern move across her friend’s face. “Come on, you have to stop this. He’s not going to hurt you, but you can’t know who he is yet. You’d eat him alive and spit out his bones before giving him a chance.”
            “Really… you think I’m mad at you because of him? Oh, Gyn, you don’t know me very well do you?”
            Victoria. I’ve known you for fifty years. I can tell you that you bite the corner of your left pinky nail when you’re nervous. You roll your eyes every time someone calls you baby. You have a bad habit of mumbling nonsense in your sleep, and I know you are running scared from your feelings about this male. I know you, hon. I know you’ve kept yourself frozen behind your walls of indifference. Come out, even if it’s for a little bit. Vic, I’ve missed you. The girls miss you. Hiding from everyone isn’t going to make your life better.”
            Victoria wanted to argue that she wasn’t hiding, but she knew that would be a lie. She’d been hiding for most of her succubus existence, and not only from the men she serviced. That didn’t mean that she’d be crawling into bed with another man, though. She’d made sure that she would never have to do that again. Her demon side now could feed in the comfort of her apartment without all the messy attachment that came from real sex. Why would she give that up? The anonymous donors of their lustful energy never wanted anything else from her. But, you never get anything extra from them either. She sighed and wanted to bury the little voice that was becoming louder with each passing day.
            “I know I’ve been a bear the last few years. I never meant for it to affect our friendship.” She sighed and ran her hands through her hair, pulling slightly to focus her thoughts. “I’m sorry. Look, I just don’t want to get my hopes up over some guy who doesn’t even know me.”
            “But he wants to, Vic. Really, he wants to know you, and not just in the sexual stuff.”
            “Sure he does, just like all the other clients I have. Don’t you ever get sick of being someone else, Gyn? Doesn’t it get to you that they don’t really make love to you? They don’t crave you. They crave whatever female they have in their heads. I don’t even know if I’m actually seeing myself anymore when I look in the mirror. I become so many other females each night.” Victoria couldn’t hide from the pain in her voice. She knew she was admitting to far more than she ever wanted to, but perhaps it was time to face her fears and hatred of what they did.