Thursday, March 7, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 16

1. Why do men do silly things like paint their chests when they go to football games?

Brian: I have no freaking clue why guys paint themselves up for games. I would wear a jersey or team colors to whatever team i am going too see. I guess maybe its saying you are a die hard or hardcore fan of the team. I again could never do that. I think the guys who are out in ten degree weather painted naked are so funny and stupid but again it is on  them lol... Now if it was with the woman i'm having sex with i'm all for trying that. I would be willing to make some beautiful abstract sex paintings lol....

Vile: Hmm okay I am really not sure but here is my take. No matter who we are, a redneck blue collar worker, a white collar worker. It does not matter our background. Men do stupid shit. It is not that we mean to, or we sit thinking about what we can fuck up next. It is in our genes, every many is born with the almighty stupid gene. We do not even have to think about it, we just do it.

Ramrod: You got me on that one.  I have been to one football game and it was cold a fuck, my full pop with no lid got knocked over 15 min into the game and nothing spilled, frozen solid. yet there were guys there, no shirt all painted up....... Dumb asses  I guess large quantities of alcohol are usual involved, that all I can figure.  You won't see me doing it.  Guess I am not that die hard of a fan.
Jose: Lmao, I dont know why they do that!!! I love football but I am happy throwing on a team shirt or jersey. That painting aint for me!

2. What is your most favorite thing a woman can do to/for you in bed?

Vile: I love relaxing in bed watching TV while receiving a blow job , most of the time I don't even want to cum, just to be able to lay back and enjoy.

Brian: Ladies  ladies ladies.... I am all about a woman pulling me into a room or where ever and taking what she wants. Nothing like being pounced on and having here just pull my pants off and just polishing the chrome. That is so fucking hot. I can then in turn become the dominate one and do all the things I wanna do to her and that pussy. I love being inside of her and she digs her nails into my ass cheeks. I don't understand it or get why it makes me throb but it does. there is no pain just a great sensation yum.

Ramrod: In DtM 14, I said the biggest thing you could do for me in bed as a turn on was that for you to show that you are enjoying yourself.  If you are looking for my favorite way to show me that in bed.....well...... saddle up and go for a mustache ride.  If you haven't figured out from DtM 10 how much I love pussy, well...... yah.......  Anytime I can get my tongue between your legs, you know I will enjoy it but when you you push me down, straddle my face and grind my head into the mattress, that is a huge turn on for me.  It tells me that  A: you are horny (lack of sex or just had sex) and want your pussy ate out or B: I wanted to eat your pussy and you want to control how I eat it.  Either way you are showing that you want it and that you are enjoying doing it.  That to me is the most favorite thing you can do to me and for me in bed.

Jose: She can be confident with herself makes everything more intense for me!! It’s sexy to feel sexy!! Be confident!! But sex wise, GREAT WET BLOWJOB haha

3. I know we've talked generally about fav sex positions, but I want to delve deeper into a few. First one is woman on top. Tell me what pros or cons there are to that position. And give it rating: 10 is absolute 'go to' position down to a 1 which is never using that position.

Vile: Okay you women think you have had bad sex, the dude was a lousy lay, you made fun of him at work the next day, or you laughed because he just sucked. My fav position is the woman on top, but let me tell all you women who have made fun of these dudes. Not every woman can ride a cock, this is true, just like not every woman knows how to give head.
I love it when she is on top, places her hands on my chest and slowly starts to rock her hips, pushing down, building up pressure. You women think you just get on top and bounce up and down. PLEASE, I am begging you PLEASE forget that thought. Get on top place hands on chest, you can lean forward enough so you can feel your clit, and slowly start rocking back and forth.
Save a horse.

Brian: OK woman on top I gotta give it a 9. I only have one tiny downfall with a woman being on top and that is controlling things other than that its amazing. I love being rode reverse cowgirl. It's so fucking hot seeing her just bounce up and down on my hard cock .Now being on top has so many advantages. I can have her ride me while i am pulling on her nipples. I love watching a girl play with herself while my cock slides in and out. She can suck on my fingers while I pull her hair. I love when a woman is on top and is playing with here boobs such a turn on. I also like when she raises up a bit and then I can sit there and pound her pussy making her scream.

Ramrod: Woman on top, there is something sexy as hell looking up and seeing a woman rideing me.  Doesn't matter if you are fully clothed straddling me in a skirt sliding me past your panties or buck naked, having a woman take control is fucking hot.  Whether it is just for your pleasure, just for mine or both, it tells me you are horny and want it to happen your way.  The Pro's: You can use your weight to pin me down and not let me have any movement.  Just grind till you get yourself off or you can rock up and down till we get each other off.  It gives you control of depth also.  You can put just the tip in and give teasing short strokes or full length, you need every square inch of him strokes.  The last part that makes it so fucking hot is you have control of where I cum.  You get to be the one to decide when I get close, do you hop off or squeeze down and milk me for every drop I got with your pussy.  Even if you don't want to take the chance of pulling him out in time, you can always do a little hotdogging and still use your pussy to get me off. I would have to rate that as a perfect 10 since I can't think of any Con's.

Jose: Pros: See her whole body, she is in control for the most part Cons: shit its sex is there any cons to getting rocks off lol RATING: 7

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

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Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio.
DJ Brian Nelson My newest addition. He works for Ellora's Cave as well, but I honestly don't have a clue what he does. :o)
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  1. Well... *clearing throat* Very enlightening. I'll have to remember that you guys (not specifically YOU guys) like being held out and not in control. :-P

  2. Learned a bunch! Thank you, guys, for being so honest. Makes a lot of sense.

  3. Gotta love it...and I think the guys do things like that to show how hardcore they are (the body paint thing). I'm a football fan and I always sort of wish I went to games so I could show my spirit...maybe not by painting myself...and I also like to check them out "are they hot? Do they have muscles I'd like to explore?"

    As for woman on top...good-to-know information! It's a great position for those women who like control.

  4. Once again, enlightening. I think the thing about painting oneself is a show of support for their team. Everybody does their own thing, wearing team gear, painting themselves, or whatever. Let's hear it! We got spirit yes we do. We got spirit how 'bout you!?! And for a minute there, Danica I thought you were going to say that you wanted to paint yourself too. Loved the polishing the chrome line. It's good to know that a little surprise of take control can turn guys on.
    The only way to get better at riding a cock is to practice, practice, practice, same with giving head. If he's moaning and ready to get off, I guess then I'm doing something right.