Thursday, February 28, 2013

Demystifying the Male- Ladies Edition

This week is something a little different. I've asked the guys to put together a list of questions THEY had for women. Seeing they've been nothing but super open and awesome to us, I thought it was high time we reciprocated.

I asked the normal culprits, Cassandra Carr, Cara Carnes, Anya Richards, Piper Trace and Julianne Keller. All are weekly commenters on the DtM posts and are part of the Cabal of Hotness.

Brian's Question:
Preference on our manscape down stairs.  Do you ladies have a pubic preference, Fully hairless, trimmed or something out of the 70's   Why?

Cassandra: Trimmed is fine with me. I'd prefer it not be a jungle, but no hair sometimes looks a little odd. Why? It's neater. Plus, just like for you guys when you go down on us, it's a more pleasant experience if you're not being suffocated by hair. ;-)

Cara: Hairless is best, trimmed is good. Why? I have an oral fetish and would prefer my focus to be on the reason I'm down there:) I don't like getting distracted by awkward smells or having to use my kneeling time foraging through a forest for the manly treasures.

Anya: I like trimmed, but hairless balls are awfully nice, because there's nothing worse than that feeling of a hair caught at the back of my throat. Very unsexy to have to stop and hack like a cat with a hairball.

Piper: Definitely shaved balls and neatly trimmed short pubes above the balls. Lots of reasons: 1) your penis looks bigger 2) I get less hair caught in my mouth 3) hair is kinda gross and is more likely to retain...smells 4) I'm more likely to put your balls in my mouth if they are shaved. Well...maybe not YOUR balls, but you get what I mean. LOL :) But not completely shaved because...well I think a little hair is just manly.

I'd prefer for him to have his balls shaved and/or shaved or trimmed around the penis. If I'm going to be giving a blow job, I want as little hair as possible. Nothing breaks the mood more than having to stop and spit out a hair or try to pick it out of my teeth.  I also think less hair is very sexy.

Jose's Question:
Is it true, that you know within the first couple of minutes of meeting a guy that you know whether or not you would fuck him?

Cassandra: Eh. It depends. Am I looking for a one-night-stand? Then probably. Am I looking longer-term? Then probably not. But if the guy sends up any red flags during that first few minutes he's done for. What do I mean by red flags? Rudeness, condescension (yes, some men still condescend to women), arrogance, cluelessness...

Cara: Yes, and no. For one night stands or one time hookups based on physical chemistry, it's definitely true. But getting to know someone on a mental level brings on a whole new byplay that deepens an attraction, and that takes a bit more time IMHO.

Anya: Not always. Usually you know whether you're attracted to a man almost immediately but whether you'd actually fuck him... no. Sometimes a man has to grow on you a bit or you have to get a bunch of booze in you :) Or sometimes you think, "Wow, I'd fuck him" and then he opens his mouth or picks his nose or something and you wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole after that.

Piper: Absolutely not! A million times NO! At least not for me. For me SO MUCH of your attractiveness depends on personality and chemistry!! I've met many super-handsome, seemingly fun guys who very quickly became HIGHLY unattractive as I got to know him, and vice versa. Often a guy who doesn't immediately rev a woman's engine can turn it completely around if she realizes all the sneaky goddamn sexiness hiding under the surface! And honestly, I find that even sexier...those sneaky-sexy guys. Like they're hiding a delicious secret, and YOU discovered it! And then sometimes you find both. When I met my hubby, I found him to be very attractive AND he had sneaky sexiness on top of it! So I married him. :)

Julianne: No. For me it's mostly about the chemistry between us. If there isn't any chemistry, it's safe to say that I probably won't be fucking him. Sometimes, it's all about the timing. If I'm just looking for a one night stand type of thing, a few minutes is all I need. But if I'm wanting to really get to know him, and possibly start a relationship, that's going to take a lot longer to know. I might be dreaming of having some hot sex with him when I first meet a guy, odds are I truly won't know until I get to know him better.

Ramrod's Question:
Why is it taboo for a woman to be seen or show off her bra and panties in public but be OK to wear a swimsuit that has the same coverage of less?

Cassandra: We have no idea. Honestly. Noooo idea. Not that I want to do that anyway, but it does seem sort of silly.

Cara: Ramrod, I totally want to know the answer to this myself. Personally, for the sake of humanity, I wouldn't venture out in either but I do find it interesting myself. Perhaps it's the psychological assignment we've given the articles of clothing. Maybe we're regressing our minds back to a time where ladies didn't show their girlie wears to anyone.

Anya: That's a question for the ages... and my husband and I just had an argument over it...thanks Ramrod! Here's the thing--society has a really dumb way of artificially making things more important than they need to be. If you call something "underwear" then society says it is to be worn UNDER the clothes, is to be kept private and will be overly titillating if exposed. Now, take something just about the same size, but lined so it doesn't go see-through when wet and call it swimwear, and suddenly you can tear off the sarong and expose it all you want. *shrug* I don't make the rules and half the time I don't understand them either.

#1: I have no idea
#2: the only reason women AREN'T running around in bras and panties all the time is because it's "against the rules". Not that every woman is into that, but there's a reason all the sluts come out at Halloween...because sluts like us are FINALLY allowed to let our freak flags fly! Obviously, I'm pro-slut. :)

Julianne: First of all, I think some women don't have any problems showing off their bras and panties. I also think it has a lot to do with what generation you're from, or how you are raised. It's not ladylike to let your undergarments show. Mostly, I think it's because the bra and panties are considered under garments and not meant to be seen or show through clothing. A swimsuit on the other hand, is designed to seen that way.

I want to thank the lovely ladies that answered so openly above:

All are weekly commenters on the DtM posts and are part of the Cabal of Hotness.


  1. Holy crap, I about died laughing at the mental picture of a woman with a hairball, thanks Anya! ;) And Ramrod, my hubs and I had a testy match over that question too. It's taboo. That's the answer to your question. Women have been brought up knowing we weren't supposed to share our underwear with the world. Doesn't matter that it's the same as or less than our bathing suits. It's just the way it is. Once upon a time women didn't wear the bathing suits they do now.....

    1. curiosity, What was the debate about? Why seeing underwear is taboo, or why some women will wear something with less coverage when its called a swimsuit?

  2. Thanks for answers....and just for one night stands ya need couple mins lol..i see YALL ALL like pipng guys off (2 thumbs up)!! Cant wait to ask more!!!

  3. I like the PRO-SLUTS we need those in the world!!!

  4. LOL. Great blog. Loved it. As usual.


  5. I do get that whatever it is initially called changes if it is ok to be seen in public or not. Which is probably why you can wear your underwear in public on Halloween as long as you call it your costume and I know the is a limit as to how small and how see through a swimsuit can get before it's not allowed to be worn in public but I guess the confusion is what make a piece of fabric a bathing suit or underwear besides who made it. I have seen beach wear that was more revealing than some bedroom wear. Not that I am complaining, swimwear or underwear, Skinny or curvy I am glad to see you show it off.

    1. Do men feel the same about showing their underwear vs swim trunks? And I'm not talking about those guys that wear jeans with a belt below their butts. That's just gross.

    2. Since I am a Boxer guy, Sure, What pair you want to see. DrPepper? Capitan Morgans? Superman? I did pictures of me in Santa boxers with Brian and Jose. I changed in my office and walked across the warehouse technically in my underwear and though nothing of it since boxers are just shorts to me. I would just have to make sure since I am a layer less that I don't peek out anywhere. Now a speedo, I would feel about a comfortable wearing a speedo as I would wearing a pair of lace panties and it is considered a bathing suit

    3. LOL Ramrod. I can always count you for a laugh. I prefer Captain Morgan please! Aren't boxers about the same in size as shorts? So it's no biggie if you find out say at a big dinner function, that you find out that you had walked around for a couple of hours with your undies showing?
      How about a thong speedo?

    4. It would take drinking Captain Morgan not wearing Captain Morgan to get me in a thong speedo. I would rater go skinny dipping

    5. LOL Ramrod!! I'll have a drink of Captain Morgan with ya at

  6. Thank You ladies for participating and for the great answers

    1. You're a great host, Ramrod! :)

      Ladies, great job as usual! Now, you all need to come up with more questions for the guys and send them my way.

    2. Julianne just gave me an idea of one to ask the ladies. I will send it with the others tomorrow.

    3. Moi!?! hahaha
      Let's play Truth or Dare!

  7. I forgot all about the questions, but the girls did well. I don't think I could have answered these questions any better. Great jobs and great questions!

  8. I had to laugh at the hairball comment too. :)
    Yeah, that's sexy as hell to have to stop and try and find that hair!
    I enjoyed the questions. I'm ready for more.

  9. Ladies such a wonderful job. I love that you all are about polishing the chrome. Jose u are right pro slut all the way. We should start a pro slut league lol. Seriouslly ladies excellent job. I cant wait to meet u all at romanicon. Excellent job again