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Demystifying the Male- 14

Demystifying the Male

Haven't visited before? Well, you're in for a treat. This is a weekly segment devoted to getting the answers women want for everything male related. Enjoy!

If a woman approaches you what goes through your mind? Is this intimidating or exciting?

Brian: When a women approaches me there are a few things that go through my head. First it's exciting because it makes my job so much easier lol. I know that she digs the way I look. I am thinking to myself is this girl into me, am I getting her number and ohh yeah am I gonna take her back to her place and make her scream. Agressive woman are the best for the most part. They don't play games or mess around. I love a woman who is all turned on by what I'm giving and she takes it.

Vile: I really do not give it much thought, I have been approached before, I am always up for general conversation. Now this is the killer you can read the eyes and tell where things are going. Also women may no notice, but they have this hair thing going on, While talking they will twirl their hair while talking , that is a dead give away. I do like it hen a woman has the courage to come up and strike up a conversation.Hmm I think I got off track a little, my mind is always sexual.. Nothing really goes through my mind, unless I think it is sexual, I just kinda go with the flow, until I get those come fuck me vibes.

Ramrod:   I guess it really depends on the situation.  Most of the time I am thinking 'does she need help'?  No, not mentally but does she need help with something.  I don't consider myself the type of guy women would hit on so my first thought is damsel in distress and I am always a sucker for a damsel in distress.  If a woman is too aggressive I can be a little intimidated.  Believe it or not, I am a little shy but I do prefer a some what aggressive woman to a shy one.  Someone has to kick start the conversation.
Jose: I like when a woman approaches me. It shows she isn't shy and knows what she's looking for. It doesn’t matter if she's shy, or aggressive overall, but it's hot when a woman is aggressive.

I just pinched your butt.....what do you do?

Vile: Wow Now this brings up an old story. I had a friend who asked me to deliver a pizza to a hotel. I was driving a cab during spring break this was five years ago.
The Desert Inn Daytona Beach. As the clerk was calling up to the room, a girl pinched me on my ass, there was a guy standing between us, she just looked at me and grinned. ,It turned out to be a longer story, but let your imagination run free. I did pinch back though.

Brian: Now in the last part if I am standing at the bar and you grab my ass the first thing I do is turn to see who pinched it. Now if I am diggin' your look I'll throw a joke out there to see if you were playful. If that goes well we talk and maybe I pinch your ass back lol. Then from there it's the cat and mouse game to see what's what you know.

Ramrod: I am not quite sure, are you coming to RT or Romanticon? We can find out :-)
Lea Note: Okay, perhaps I worded the question wrongly. *clears throat* But, for the love of research I guess I'll be forced to. :P
Jose: You pinched my butt, so I lead it into a sexual convo and try returning the favor in other ways. ha

 What's the biggest thing a woman can do while in bed as a turn on? 

Vile: I love an open minded woman. To be laying in bed , maybe talking, watching TV, and the female just starts to masturbate for no reason. That is the biggest turn on.

Brian: This turn on i just recentlly was don to me and ohh my god it made me shake. We were having sex missionary and she was clawing my back which is amazing in it self. She then ran her nails all the way down to my ass as i was pounding her pussy hard and fast, She dug her nails into my ass as i'm fucking her making me go harder and faster. Man i loved it lol.

Ramrod: Show she is enjoying herself. Take a simple handjob, if I think you are doing it cause you thing it's only what I want or If I feel like you are not enjoying what you are doing to me, I am not going to enjoy it as much as I could.  Don't get me wrong, if you play with it enough, I will get off.  But you grab my dick with a sly grin and let me know you are going to milk me for every drop and then some, that is a huge turn on.  That goes for anything in bed, there is a difference between just getting off and a mind blowing orgasm.

Jose: For me it's to listen or take control and know what she wants!! The more open the hotter!!

What does a male orgasm actually feel like, from beginning to end? BTW, I've asked this already of the first round of guys, but I'm always looking for more explanations.

Brian: My feeling when I am going to have an orgasm is amazing. It feels different depending how my orgasm is being pushed to the surface. If my cock is being sucked till I cum it's like being tickled to the point you have to go pee. Each time she goes up and down it builds like pressure in a soda bottle till the point I start shaking till I cum. My whole body feels ticklish especially if she is sucking on the head of my cock. I start screaming like a lil girl. Now if it's during sex it depends on the emotion involved. If I'm just fucking to get off it's nothing really at all. Now if I'm enjoying dipping my cone into the the hot fudge. I feel more into the orgasm. I'm like a girl I guess in that sense. I start to shake a bit and I wanna grab her by the shoulder , hair, or whatever body part is closest till I have my release and then I get ticklish hahah. Ohh and after all is done and cleaned up I love laying and having the girl play with me after amazing. Little side note there....

Vile: Wow, this is hard to answer. I can feel a build up a slight tingling a little pressure at the base of my penis., once I start to cum, I can feel it making its way up the shaft, if you have ever stuck your tongue to a 9 volt battery that is the feeling, hmm twice in two weeks with the battery thing. Once it has reached the top I can actually feel the head open up as I squirt. Afterwards I cannot even touch the head for at least two minutes.

Ramrod: Leading up to it I start breathing heavier. Heart beats harder.  As I get closer my body tenses up usually trying to push me deeper or harder against you.  Once I hit the point of no return I feel an uncontrollable muscle contraction in my groin.  The first contractions as I cum are the hardest and fade in intensity and frequency.  Even after I am out of ammo, I can still dry fire for 20 or 30 more seconds if it was a hard enough orgasm.  After, my breathing is still heavy, like I am out of breath, my heart beats hard as it start to slow down and all my muscles in my body start to relax.

Jose: The whole 15secs it last, it's the greatest sensation on Earth lol....just tingling and then an eruption of heaven. ha

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  1. I remembered the post and then forget, remember and forget, but I'm glad I stopped by!

    Great answers as always. And we'll just call our lovely hostess, Lea the Butt Pincher. I'll be standing by with a camera to catch the reactions.

  2. Haha Danica. I want to watch that pinching going on too. Maybe do a little myself.
    I've never been brave enough to do the tongue on the battery thing.
    This is always the highlight of my week, visiting this blog and reading the guys' answers.

    1. Tongue to a 9V battery is the best way to test them, bigger the shock the better the battery. Never bothered me, maybe that's why the violet wand interests me

  3. Seems we need to do some research on both sides. LOL Romanticon can be our testing grounds. Randy can get his ass pinched, and I'll bring a couple 9-V batteries so we can all experience the tingles a guy gets by giving them a lick. Wait, that sentence doesn't sound right. LOL

    1. I have a feeling this Romanticon will be epic, lol

    2. I so agree, Randy! I can't wait...

    3. I really hope the bail fund for the Cabal is healthy before Romanticon...

    4. I liked the way it sounded! But then again, I'm just a different kinda girl. :)

  4. I love to see the reaction from women.