Thursday, February 7, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 13

Demystifying the Male
 Just to warn you, the guys brought their "A" game this time. :)

Condoms- do they really cause that much desensitization?

Vile:  While I agree in today's times Condoms are a must if one is not in a long term relationship. I will admit if I have to use a condom , I am not going to be able to cum. Maybe it is a mind thing, but the feeling is just not there. Better to play it say than to be sorry. It is true though and I wish it were different, most of the time a woman will not push the issue , when it comes to a man wearing a condom. Most are to shy or intimidated to say anything.

Brian: Ok to me condoms really don't desensitize that much. Now I haven't had to use one in awhile so I might be wrong. Honestly I think it's all in the your mind on the feeling. Like for me personally, yeah, I think it helps to keep from coming sooner so she gets to enjoy me more. I don't know if a woman can tell the difference but for us males it is a little different. I'm sorry but nothing is as good as feeling that nice wet pussy on my cock while I'm sliding in an out.

Ramrod: Desensitization yes, is it going to stop me from enjoying if I have to wear one, no. I have been jacked off through my boxer shorts so a thin piece of latex is not going to slow me down.  It does change how it feels, you are putting something over your skin so it will change the sensitivity in which you feel.  For me it is more physiological, knowing dick is making direct contact deep inside your pussy makes it so much more erotic.  Plus if I decide to have a piece of pu-tang pie afterwards, I want to taste pounded pussy not used Trojan.

Jose: They ain't that bad, but once you raw dog you don’t ever want to put a condom back on. It feels so GOOD!
Lea Note: Yes, I have an entire word document going of sayings Jose uses that I've never heard... and raw dog is one of them.

How wet is too wet in the pussy department, or isn't there such a thing as "too wet"?

Vile:  I love foreplay, I have a huge pussy fetish, be it just laying in bed and fingering while watching TV, or just talking. I also have a huge oral fetish. There are time I wake up in the middle of the night and I just want to go down south. The wetter the better, I love hearing those wet noises while pumping away. When wet you can feel the heat, as well. Now I just want to fuck.

Brian: For me personally there is no such thing as too wet what so ever.The feeling to know that I am the one making her wet and pulsate is amazing. I love when I bury my face down between her legs and and doing my thing licking & sucking on the clit, my face dripping wet from her. Man, yum. lol The feeling of being inside her while she is that wet is indescribably beautiful. If I had to name it, it's pure heaven.

Ramrod: When I got you so turned on that you're dripping like a faucet, panties so soaked that you have to wring them out before you can put them back on, I would say that's just about wet enough........... maybe.  Don't worry, I will gladly lick up the excess.  So I would have to say there is wet, really wet and fucking wet, but there is no too wet.

Jose: There ain't never a thing as too wet when “you go diving in a pool”. If that pussy's like a faucet you're doing something right!

Kegals, important or not really? Can you feel a woman squeezing with them during sex?

Vile:  The truth is not many women even practice the Kegal exercise. I am not sure why because it brings her that much more pleasure as well. Tish my slave uses her Kegal muscles much better when she is on top. There have been times right before she orgasms, she has pushed me out of her. To answer your question I feel it is important, not only is the woman showing off her talents , but she is more than willing to please...Hmmm, They should have a mouth exercise like Kegal.

Brian: Yes, when a girl has been working on them and does it during sex it's one word, amazing. Now in saying that is it something I yearn for during sex? No but if she can do it and do it right... my god especially if it's when I'm either sliding my cock in or out. Wow, such a turn on.

Ramrod: Yes and YEEEEESSSS!  Aside from the health reasons and looking at only the fun factor, yes they are important.  They make your pussy go from tight to super tight the stronger they get and can be used to enhance the sex experience.  You can squeeze on the in stroke and relax on the out stroke or reverse it and squeeze on the out stroke like you are tugging on my dick.  You can pulse them with the right rhythm as I come like you are milking my cock to extend my orgasm.   It is not just a benefit to me, It also makes your orgasms more intense which I guess still is another benefit to me cause the more intense your orgasm, the harder you squeeze my dick.

Jose: It’s not that important but if she can do it on demand or in general it's amazing. Squeeze tight as I enter or exit? Nice.

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  1. Oh outdo yourself every week. But seriously, this is great stuff! As far as Kegels go, I highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't do them. Not that an innocent lady such as myself has ever squeezed a man until he panted...

  2. I'm learning all kinds of phrases from Jose. Will my editor kill me if I use them in one of my manuscripts? I don't know...And I had the 'how wet is too wet' discussion just yesterday with a guy friend and seems there's no such thing. The rest though, always great information, y'all!

  3. LOL, you get me every time with those sayings, Jose. Thanks for the great information, guys. Very interesting discussions. And it's good to know that the Kegals are appreciated.

  4. This is so great! I'm glad to know guys are good with going "downtown" and don't mind how juicy it is! I was a little sad to hear that ladies are still shy about insisting on condoms, tho :-(.

    It's fun to hear the real deal from guys and I love the humor!

    1. Guys don't mind going downtown as long as clean,andlandscape is cool!! Pussy juice be everywhere and we dont complain so dont complain when i unload in face lol

  5. I always enjoy reading the all the guy's answers to these important questions. It makes my day. It's been quite a while since I've done any of those Kegals. We had to practice during Lamaze class. haha
    Now, I must go find some batteries.

  6. Raw dog lol yall havent heard lol