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Author Spot- Jennifer Denys

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the four hunky weres and their mate from Collared by Wolves. They took a few minutes from their schedules to sit with me and answer some questions. Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee and enjoy....

Lea: I’d like to welcome Griff, Ford, Max, Callum and Tasha. They’ve graciously agreed to take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to chat with us. Thanks, guys, for stopping by.
Lea: Let’s get started with introductions. Can each of you give me two to three words that would describe you? Tasha, you start us off.

Tasha: Cripes, what do I say? Umm, shy, human, BDSM-newbie. *Tasha turns to look at Griff next who nods approvingly at her*

Griff: Alpha werewolf – need I say more?

Ford: (*To Griff*) Trust you! *The others smile* Um, you can describe me as a deep thinker.

Tasha: And handsome! *Ford smiles at her*

Max: Oh, my turn. Um, empathic, kindly, good-at-tracking. *The others all nod*

Callum: Good-looking *gives the others a grin when they look incredulously at his less than pretty face with nose broken in the past* Okay, how about a hunk?

Griff: How about impatient?

Ford: Bullish.

Max: Childlike-humor.

Callum: okay, okay! Tash, please say something nice about me?

Tasha: My hero. *The others groan and Callum beams at Tasha*

Lea: Tasha, this one’s for you. Give us a quick overview of how you met, and snagged, such a pile of hunky men.

Tasha: Oh gosh. Well, I got an invitation to submissive trials that were being held at The Haunt, the BDSM club that the guys all go to, not realizing it was run by werewolves—or that such creatures really did exist!! So I plucked up courage and went, and for some reason they all seemed to be interested in me.
*Griff snorts at her deprecating attitude*

Ford: Who wouldn’t be interested in someone so lovely and gorgeous?

Tasha: Thank you, Darling. *She looks at Ford and blushes* Anyhow they introduced me to BDSM and it was not bad. *She leans forward toward Lea and holds up her hand to hide her mouth as if pretending to say something secret* It was absolutely fabulous but don’t tell them that!!

Ford *grins*: Besides which we werewolves instinctively know when we’ve met our mate and all of us, Griff included, knew Tasha was meant for us. It just took us a while to convince her.

Tasha: *shrugs* Nobody else would have them, so someone had to take them on.

*Griff growls at her and she giggles and pretends to move away from him. He narrows his eyes and gives her a look of ‘wait until we’re home’.*

Lea: Boys. If you could point to one of you, which would be the ultra alpha of the group? Who’d be the omega?*All three betas turn as one to Griff*

Griff: I’m the alpha of the group.

Max: Cal’s the youngest, so he’s our omega.

Callum: Hey! *He lunges for Max who ducks out of the way*

Ford *chuckles*: We don’t have any omegas in our group. Just our leader, Griff, and the rest of us.

Lea: How hard was it for all of you get along, and learn to share Tasha?
*They all fall around laughing except Griff who makes a face at their antics but has a hard time stopping smiling himself*

Griff: The reason my normally sensible pack are making fools of themselves is because we originally fought over Tasha and it was only when she was kidnapped that we had to work together and realized that, actually, we work very well together. We’ve had our moments since but Tasha deals with it by walking out, so we have to be nice to each other in order to get her back. She might be human, and might have been shy in the past, but she is turning into a right alpha bitch. Bitch as in wolf bitch, that is!

Lea: Tasha, if you could give a woman, who finds herself in the middle of a group of wolves, some advice about keeping everyone cool, what would it be?

Tasha: *Smiling at Griff* I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not?! But I’ll take it as one, sweetheart. Um, how to keep cool when four strong guys all turn into snarling, clawing animals? Well my original instinct was to run. *laughs* But as Griff has indicated, pretending I couldn’t care less what they get up to and making them come and get me seems to work. Besides which I still find them scary when they turn wolf so it helps calm me down by removing myself from the vicinity of those claws and fangs!

Max: *Looking concerned* But you are getting used to us aren’t you? It doesn’t scare you so much you wouldn’t come back?
*Tasha reaches over the strokes his cheek, then pets the others on arm, knee or thigh to reassure them* Yes, my love. Always.

Lea: Well, that about wraps it up for us. Each of you gets a few parting words, and then we’re out of here.

Ford: Actually we have to go anyway. We have a situation at The Haunt involving a werewolf bitch, Evie.
Callum: Dammit! I’d forgotten about that. Her Master, Stefan, is on the hunt for her.

Max: *Looking coy* Yep, and we know where she is!

Tasha: *Looking pale* Oh God, does that mean when he finds out she’s staying with us you’ll all get into a fight – in my house? *Turning to Lea* Can I stay with you, please? Pretty please?.......

Lea: Thanks, each of you, for coming out and answering questions. I wish you much luck in the future and let me know how it goes with Evie. 

Blurb:Natasha Talbot, an ordinary human wanting more out of life, ventures into a forest where a club is holding submissive trials, not knowing this is where werewolves practice BDSM.

While at the club Natasha is fought over by two lots of men. Griff Seamer is an alpha werewolf with a reputation for being a rogue. He doesn’t hesitate taking on Ford Chaplin, Max Holman and Callum Lane, three beta wolves who formed a pack as a way of getting the submissive women at the club who normally prefer the alpha men.

During the fight Natasha becomes aware of their shifter natures and runs away. But is she more frightened by the BDSM or their animal aspects? Determined to try again she returns a few nights later, but when she is kidnapped by a pack who like the darker side of BDSM her four men realize they have to work together to rescue her.

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