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Sensual Saturday- Krystal Brookes

Please welcome Krystal Brookes to Sensual Saturday. Her book, Highland Hogmanay, is a sexy contemporary romance that you just have to check out.

Something was tickling her nose. She moved her head but it continued to tickle. She tried to swipe it away but her hand was restrained somehow. She tugged, but it wouldn't move. She groaned and opened her eyes.
“Morning, gorgeous!” He was hovering above her, smiling wickedly.
“What the... Mark!”
“I thought I'd tie you up before you got cold feet. Plus I thought we shouldn't do this if the kids are home and this may be our only chance.”
She tugged at the restraints on her wrists.
“What the hell did you use to tie me up? Please tell me you didn't bring some shitty pair of fluffy handcuffs in your luggage from the States in the hope of finding some local wench to carry out your fantasies on.”
“Nothing so unimaginative.” He bent and kissed her gently on the lips. “I used my sporran chain on your wrists. I placed some washcloths that were in the bathroom closet around your wrists so it wouldn't dig in. Then I found some thick winter hose in your drawer and I tied up your ankles. They were hanging up in the bathroom. And I found this...” He waved a bright pink feather boa over her neck and chin “in your closet.”
“I wore it at Halloween.”
“I'll buy you a proper one made of real feathers. They're much more sensual.”
“Bet it won't be that colour though.”
“You need a safe word before we start.”
“Um... well, let's just make it 'Kilrigh.'”
“Good. Now tell me where you keep your vibrator.”
“What? No! I don't have one!”
He smirked.
“Of course you do.” He leaned down over her breast and touched his tongue very lightly against the nipple, swirling around the rock hard peak before sitting up. She gasped as she tried to arch into a touch that was no longer there. “I see you want me to torment you. Now tell me where you keep it.” He lightly wafted the feather boa over her stomach and thighs.
“I don't have one.”
“Don't be shy. I know you have one. Tell me.” He leaned over again—this time licking her bottom lip, as he applied the lightest touch of his fingers to her inner labia. She pressed into his caress but immediately it was gone again.
“Why are you so convinced I have one?”
He leaned over her other breast, nipping it slightly with his teeth, before soothing it with his tongue. He sat up.
“I know everything. Where is it, Isla?” His voice had a slightly menacing sound to it as he trailed the tip of his tongue down the middle of her belly. She sucked in her stomach as he reached her belly button. Then he opened her thighs and placed a wet, open-mouthed kiss on her pussy. She groaned with need. Their gentle lovemaking the night before had been exquisite, but she had woken up with a need for something less genteel. She needed him to make her come hard.
“Oh Mark, please...”
“Then tell me where it is.”
“In a blue shoe box at the bottom of the wardrobe. Please don't break it.”
“Why would I want to break it?” He leapt of the bed and rifled through the bottom of the wardrobe before extracting the blue box.
“It's just a bullet,” he noted, picking the small silver toy out of the box while looking mildly disappointed.
“Sorry. I guess you were hoping for a big pink rabbit.”
“Does it get you off?”
“What else gets you off?”
“You... and smutty novels.” He smiled. It was then that she realised he was fully clothed.
“Why are you dressed?”
“Because if I was naked, I'd untie your legs, throw your ankles over my shoulders and sink deep inside you. I want to be inside you constantly. You make me crazy.”
Isla bit her inside lip. No one had ever made her feel so special. Even if it was just a line, it had been well executed and she truly believed she was special to Mark. He pressed the button on the vibrator and it started to make a buzzing sound. He pressed it to the zip of his jeans and groaned.
“God, that's good. No wonder women love these things.” He suddenly moved it away from his crotch and pinched his obvious erection through his jeans with his other hand. He sat down next to her, a look of concern on his face.
“Are you o...”
“I haven't said my safe word yet,” she assured him. He grinned and placed the small vibrator gently against her folds. It tickled deliciously and made her want him to press it hard against her clit. But he was kissing in ever increasing circles from her belly button, paying special attention to the small silvery marks that she was so embarrassed about.
He moved up, sucking a tender nipple into his mouth as he rolled the other one between his fingers. She wanted more of the delightful vibrations and wriggled in the hope of touching it closer to her aching sex, but all she succeeded in doing was knocking it over. He tutted and leaned the toy against her flesh again.
“Tell me about your books. How smutty are they?”
“They're very smutty. Some are ménages, some are gay or lesbian and some male and female.”
“Hmm, ménages aren't sexy. I'd never share you,” he muttered.
“Would you share me with a clone of me?”
“Would I want two of you in my bed at once, you mean?”
“Yeah. This is fiction. You can have anything you want.”
He straddled her and leaned in to kiss her passionately. She was beginning to see the point of being chained up. With every second that passed, she wanted him more. Her body was on fire and his touch sent her stir crazy.
“If I had two of you, my balls would explode with excitement. Babe, I can only take one of you at a time and even at that, I could come just looking at you all tied up and gorgeous.”
“Your balls would explode? How romantic.”
“Well, Ms. Writer. How would you put it? Describe this scene to me the way you would in a book.”
Isla licked her lips. It was one thing to write down the description in a sex scene. It was quite another saying it out loud. There was a glint of challenge in his eyes and she couldn't let that go. He was clearly a competitive man. He wouldn't have become so rich at such a young age without a competitive nature. She swallowed hard and began.
“The soft hum of the bullet vibrator has become mere background noise, yet it makes my clit ache. Not for the toy, but to feel you inside me. I want to see your long, thick cock—to taste the salty pre-cum—to hear your groans of desire as I scrape my teeth along the velvety head. My hips undulate, wanting you, needing you.
“There is indecision in the look you give me. Your dark eyes show unleashed passion, warring with a need to bone me. You want it as much as I do. You touch your cock, desperate to release it from the confines of your boxers—to let it breathe—to let me suck on it. You want to rub it along my slick folds and hear me cry out with need. You undo your jeans, slipping the waistband onto your hips and you pull out your aching cock, palming it to ease some of the pressure. Pre-cum glistens on the tip—a small droplet drips over the edge and runs over your fingers. You squeeze hard. You want to come, but you want to wait—to give me the pleasure you believe I deserve.
“You climb off me, shedding your clothes quickly as I admire your beautiful, bronzed body. Your strong pecs and washboard stomach make me want to touch myself, and again I am reminded that you wanted me to beg for you to fuck me. I'm getting close. I need to feel your fingers dancing through the folds of my wet pussy. I'm desperate for your touch, and I sigh with pleasure as you climb on top of me. But then you pluck a feather from the bright pink boa and run it gently from my throat, through the valley between my breasts and over my stomach—making me clench my stomach to stop from crying out. The bare skin of your ass cheeks gently caress my thighs as you bend over, capturing a taut... a taut nipple in your mouth. Sucking it until I want to scream.
“Your tongue glides through my folds. You feel like a starved man, desperate for his first meal. I'm fucking dying here as you lick around my clit, increasing the tension and need in me. I want to grab you hair but these fucking chains won't let me. Oh Mark, I really am losing the words to describe how good this feels. Your tongue inside me is like a double whammy—a release in one sense but a build-up of tension in the other. I really want to come but I really don't. I want this to last, but I want your cock inside me. Fuck Mark, this is unbearable. I need you so badly. Please baby, please...”
“Please what?”

“Please fuck me! Please...”

Want to read more? Oh, I know you do after that scene... WOW! You can find this book here:

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