Thursday, January 3, 2013

Demystifying the Male- 9

Welcome to Demystifying the Male

This week is all about sex toys... the DtM way!

Do you enjoy using them during sex? Why or why not?

Jose: Yes I like using them on a female or she use them on HER. It just spice it up and extra sexy to me. And, she gets to enjoy it also!!! Get her to do that and that usually opens doors for more!
Phil: I have to say that I do enjoy using them on her and watching her using them on herself.  Why? Not sure, it’s just a huge turn on to see her being pleasured I guess.
Ramrod: Do I enjoy using them during sex? It kind of depends on the toy, as long as it doesn't interfere with the sex.  Vibrators are fun to use, they can be rubbed over an array of body parts while we are pounding away at each other.   Arm/Leg restraints are always fun and unobstructive but dildos and pocket pussies can get in the way.  They are great during foreplay, just not when you are having sex.
Vile: I have a huge selection of vibrators and plugs. I enjoy using toys when she is tied to be the bed, bringing her to that point over and over again, before I let that special moment come. I have a vaginal fetish so watching things slide in and out is a real turn on as well.
What’s your favorite toy, or the best toy you’ve used with a partner?

Jose: My favorite toy shit? I used so many I don't even know. lol The ones I've enjoyed using by myself are junk in trunk, deep thorat in cup, or the last toy I rated "Nice". The only one I've used was a vibrating cock ring and a ribbed bullet. I like using the bullet.
Phil: She has a vibrator that curves at the tip.  When that curved tip hits her G-Spot … wow!
Ramrod: On her, a double pleasure glass dildo. is equal to what she has, she has had it so long I can't remember the exact place we bought it.  With it I can get a good look as to what her pussy looks like gripping a dick as it goes in and out of her.  Since it's almost as big as me, we can also use it in the 69 position to act out a little M/F/M fantasy.  I get to go down on her and watch her get nailed all at the same time while she gives me head.  
On me, one of my favorites is the Fleshlight Ice  for almost the same reasons in reverse.  She can watch me go in and out and even see inside when she gets me off.  Since it does feel so realistic, we can act out a F/M/F fantasy as well.  I can go down on her while it feels like I am being ridden by another woman at the same time. 
Vile:  I would say my violet wand. It is used for mild electric play. The attachments are clear like light bulbs. feels like static electricity running through your body. The kit comes with many attachments, including a small dildo.
What’s one that you’d like to try with a partner that you haven’t gotten to experience yet?
Jose: I wanna try the swing and/or wand. lol
Ramrod: What's one that I would like to try with a partner that I haven't experience yet would be a hands free male masturbator like the Autoblow Blast   Tied up and blindfolded with her at the controls to tease me until she decides to rev it up for the big finish.  If I can find one with a wireless remote would be even more fun.  She could get me off from across the room, maybe even from a different room. 
Phil: I’ve seen vibrators that have a rotating end that sort of undulates.  They look like they could be fun.
Vile: Remote control butt plug. Same effect as a vibrator.

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:

Jose Da Hood from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio

 Mr. Vile Woods blogger, Dominant, all around open guy. Check out his blog HERE.
Phil Richards Awesome hubs of my fellow erotic romance author, Anya Richards.
Ramrod Director of Project Management for Ellora's Cave Publishing  If it plugs into a wall, battery operated, needs built, rebuilt, lifted, driven, fixed or figured out.........that's me

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  1. Great interview, as always. You guys continue to enthrall me with your candid responses. Very interesting discussion today:)

    I so want one of those violet wands.

    1. I so agree, Cara! About all of it. I'm so glad they keep coming up with great answers. AND, I want a violet wand, too.

  2. Great info guys! Hmmm glass pretty yet so functional--hehe.

    1. I have seen a few that you could pass as art and put out on dispaly if you wanted

    2. BTW thank you for mentioning the lovehoney website! Remind me I owe you a drink, next time I see you! Hehe!

  3. I love our glass dildo. My husband keeps it in the refrigerator and surprises me. Great fun and very cool. Literally.

    I, too, want a swing.


    1. Never thought of putting in the refrigerator, always ran under hot water to warm it up first. The Hot and Cold game sound fun. BTY Do dildos go in the crisper drawer or next to the milk. :-)

  4. So many ideas, so little time...

    I *loved* the violet wand when I tried it Sunday night at Romanticon. So where were you, Ramrod & Jose? ;-)

    1. Did I miss a class????? I just looked up violet wands....... I want one now

    2. i was there just didnt get zapped, but have been zapped since and Ramrod has one, word on the street!!!

  5. I continue to be be astonished by the candid answers these men continually provide. If only all men were like them. I checked out the glass dildo site. I've never had a glass dildo, always had vibrators, but the glass in the refridgerator might help with my ice fetish. I also checked out the autoblow blast. I had to watch the videos for research reasons of course. :)