Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sensual Saturday- Alex Carreras

Welcome one of my author friends and check out his sexy snippet below. Alex writes very sweet, loving M/M erotic romance.
From inside, he heard Adam rustle in their bed, his soft sighs and murmurs making him grow hard.
After being single and nursing a broken heart for over two centuries, Emerico was sent Adam, the reincarnated Aznar Galindez, the Count of Aragon, vampire hunter and love of his life. Recently made to turn into a vampire, Adam was his, heart and soul, forever. And unlike Aznar, Adam decided to drink Emerico’s blood, starting the process of becoming reborn as a dweller of the night for all of eternity, choosing to leave his human self behind.
Stepping inside and fully opening the balcony doors to let in the cool night air, Emerico slid into bed and into the warm arms of his lover. He brushed a kiss onto his forehead as he reached down and filled his fist with Adam’s semierect cock. Adam grew under his touch, opening his hazel eyes. “Good morning…I mean good evening?” Adam mumbled, correcting.
Emerico kissed and tasted his lips. They were warm and still part human. “How about hello, you hunk of a vampire? That greeting would work for me.” Emerico chuckled through a kiss, still stroking Adam’s silken shaft.
“And this greeting works for me.” Adam darted his eyes southward, and a sexy smirk played across his lips, referring to Emerico’s skillful and loving manipulations.
“It does look like it’s working for you.”
They kissed, and Adam enveloped Emerico into his strong arms, moaning into the darkness. “That feels so good. I never want you to stop. Ever.”
Emerico tightened his grip, feeling the pulsing veins engorged with blood under his fingers, Adam’s cock expanding past his previously mortal capacity into a vampire’s capacity, vampires well known for being more generously endowed than their human counterparts. “Have you noticed how you’ve grown and how hard you get since my blood has mixed with yours?” Emerico asked. “Soon you will be complete. Your human cells transitioned into vampire cells. Into mine.”
“When will that be exactly?” Adam asked.
“There is no exactly. You will just know.”
“I’ll have to take your word for it, I guess,” Adam answered, rolling over and kicking away the sheets tangled between his legs. “But now, I want you to take me. Like you did when I was human and like I am now.” He arched his back, serving up his muscular mounds covered in a fine, downy fur trailing along the cleavage. “Will you do that for me?”
As if I would refuse.
Upon request, Emerico reached for Adam’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, driving his tongue deep into his tight and pulsing bud. The fleshy, pink bud quirked at his lingual touch as Adam’s delectable taste hit Emerico’s tongue. “Mmm,” Emerico moaned, savoring the moment.
Adam arched his back even more, pushing his mounds into Emerico’s face. He lapped, burying his face as far into Adam’s cleavage as much as he could. This time, Adam moaned.
“Fuck me, babe. I need to feel you deep inside me, filling me to capacity with your big cock.” Adam’s request came out in little sobs.
In a split second, and unable to hold his passion at bay any longer, Emerico tore out of his silk pajama bottoms and suspended himself over Adam, watching his lover’s muscular back and ass cheeks ripple in the moonlight. Finding his target, he guided his hard-as-concrete cock into Adam’s hole, pausing for only a split second so Adam could adapt to his meaty head, but then, greedily, he pushed his full length and girth in with one swift thrust, expelling all the oxygen from Adam’s lungs. Slowly pumping, Emerico dropped his head and nuzzled into Adam’s ear. “Is this what you wanted? What you live for? Would die for?”
Adam whimpered into his pillow. “Yes.”
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  1. Adore this cover! Can't wait to read this one! :)

  2. Thanks, Tara! And thanks, Lea for having me.