Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Release: Allies with Benefits by Alex Carreras

Alex Carreras' newest release is a HOT M/M vampire romance through Siren BookStrand. It's book 3 of the Aragon series.

      Jose Galindo knew that fighting alongside the Fraternidad, the ancient clan of Spanish vampires protecting the city of Zaragoza, Spain, against the Romani, a Romanian clan of vampires hell-bent on killing everyone in sight and conquering the city, was a dangerous task, to say the very least. But for some reason, he never thought he would be faced with the decision of either choosing to die or choosing to become a vampire. He was…and he did.
Leandro Jakande was single to the core, and he liked it that way. But making the quick decision to turn Jose into a vampire in his hour of need while professing his love for him changed everything, including his playboy ways. How can he convince Jose that it isn’t necessary to be monogamous to have a loving and committed relationship? Truthfully, he isn't really sure how, but he is certainly going to give it his best try. 

Sexy Excerpt:

“Take off your pants, slowly,” Leandro directed. “I love to watch you expose yourself to me. Your body is so beautiful. Smooth and small but still muscular. Spaniards are the most attractive men in the world.”
Jose unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped, proud but still a little self-conscious of his performance. As he pushed his pants past his hips, readying to expose his erect cock, Leandro directed him to stop.
“Turn around. I want to see that magnificent ass teasing me. Taunting me.” He reached down and rubbed his massive endowment through his pants.
Jose turned and slid his jeans past his ass cheeks and continued toward his ankles. He toed off his shoes and stepped from his pants. Completely exposed, he reached around and filled his fists with his muscular cheeks, pulling them apart and revealing his youthful bud. He wanted Leandro more than anything. His hole burned, and his cock dripped with the anticipation of his strong and powerful lover entering him forcefully, taking him, to claim him for his own for all of eternity. This was what he had wanted so desperately, and now, the moment was here. “Is this what you want?” Jose asked, gazing over his shoulder, already knowing the answer.
In an instant, Leandro tore out of his pants and steel-toed boots and had his face buried between Jose’s mounds, lapping hungrily at his pulsing bud. The sensation of Leandro’s hard, wet tongue pushing into him made Jose’s thighs quake and his knees threaten to buckle. As if reading his thoughts, Leandro stood and whisked Jose onto the bed dominating the center of the room, saving him from hitting the floor. “Easy, cariño,” Jose coached. “You don’t know your strength right now, but I’m a little more delicate than you are.”
Angling over Jose, Leandro slid between Jose’s legs and ground his engorged, ebony cock against Jose’s. “Don’t underestimate your strength. I saw you battling the Romani. You were impressive. Sexy and impressive.”
Jose released a chuckle. “May I remind you that Constantin crushed many of my bones and caused irreparable internal injuries and the only reason I’m still here is that I drank from your veins.”
“Constantin is one fucking badass. You’ll get back at him next time.”
“Yes, I will, but let’s not bring up that Romanian runt right now. It’ll put me out of the mood, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?” Jose assured.
Leandro answered Jose with a crushing kiss.
This felt different, Jose thought. Leandro’s kiss was more passionate and hungrier than he had remembered. And his body felt sleeker, hotter, and meatier under his fingertips than ever before. The only thing that had changed was that he was now a vampire, or well on his way at least. Jose’s brain exploded, kissing Leandro back and drinking him in.
Through the kiss, Leandro asked the question Jose had longed to hear. “I need to fuck you, to make love to you. Can you do that for me?”
“Yes,” Jose squeaked out, excited and nervous at the same time. He wasn’t that experienced in bottoming. And Leandro was big. And long. And fat.
Positioning himself in the center of the bed and grabbing behind his knees, Jose rolled into a more favorable and accessible position. “Please take me. I want that more than anything right now.” Jose tightened his sphincter, causing his balls to jump and his bud to pulse.
The look that flashed onto Leandro’s face sent chills racing throughout every cell in Jose’s body. It was a look of pure lust wrapped in greed. Jose had never seen that look from him, or anyone, before. Ever. A little voice in his head sang out. Uh-oh.
Leandro took what Jose was serving. Inching closer, he grabbed his oozing cock and pushed it against Jose’s hole. Encircling with his plump head and making Jose slick, he reached up and cupped Jose’s chin. “This means a lot,” he said with a growl. “And I will be careful. I don’t want to hurt you unless you want me to.” His dark brow arched as he gazed from under his thick, coal-black lashes.
Jose took in a shuddering breath and nodded. “Do it. I need you.”
Leandro guided the head of his cock in, slowly at first so Jose could adapt, intuitively knowing that he needed to be careful. Inch by inch, he filled Jose’s carnal desire, stretching him only as an expert lover could.
Jose squeezed his eyes shut as tears of pleasure and pain pricked at the corners. Breathe, he reminded himself as he opened his legs further apart allowing Leandro to come closer. Opening his eyes, he felt hot tears spill onto his cheeks. Leandro leaned in and kissed them away.
As Leandro started his sweet ride, Jose opened his eyes to see his lover’s gaze searing into him, feeling his intensity.
He kissed and chewed at Jose’s bottom lip, slicing into his tender flesh. Jose licked at his lips, tasting his own blood, the sweet and salty taste fueling his desire to get fucked harder. “Go deeper,” he choked out. “I’m okay…and ready.”

Interested in more? Want to check out book 1 or 2? You can find all of Alex's books HERE. 


  1. You are most welcome! I love this series and can't wait to read this installment.