Thursday, November 8, 2012

Demystifying the Male- 1

Demystifying the Male 

Welcome to week one. I polled a bunch of crazy authors, named the Cabal of Hotness, for the first few questions. They had many that were sexually related, but there were a few questions that were just normal "why" questions for the guys to answer.

Why do men have to jump up to hit whatever is over their head? For example signs, branches, etc.

Justin: Because we feel like we conquered something? A way to prove to ourselves we can. Also, just for manly fun.

Jose: It’s an inferiority thing. We have to know we can do it cuz if not we will continue at every sign until we WIN.

What does a guy really want when he’s getting head?

Justin: A guy wants to feel those lips and mouth of that girl around his cock going up and down. Soft and wet. That's the master plan. We just enjoy it and it’s a great warm up for sex.
When I was younger, I could never get off from a bj. I liked them but didn't love them. My penis would get too sensitive. It didn't matter if it were deep throated or just licked, it would got too sensitive after a few minutes and I would cringe and the bj was over for me. The ironic thing is that I find BJ's give  the best orgasms now and almost prefer them more than regular sex. My penis had matured to love BJ's!

Tongue action is a must. Licking the balls are huge for me. I love the simultaneous licking of the balls while her  hand is stroking my shaft.

No suction! Just imagine the mouth is like a vagina. The vagina doesn't suck. It slides up and down the penis.

Wrist action doesn't matter to me that much, as long  as there is a steady stoke . Caress the penis, ladies, we love that!

Jose: For me I LOVE HEAD.

 I like when she kisses on the tip, licks on the shaft and slowly goes up and down to start. Make sure ya’ll get it wet, also do stroke it while you go up and down. I love when a lady lets me fuck her face too, it’s a control thang and feels GREAT. Also, I like when they look at me while they do it. 

OH YEA lol It also is a great warm up before sex (I never turn down good head) lol

Does it really matter to a guy if you can take them deep, or down the throat, during a blow job?

Justin: It is nice if the girl can deep throat. It adds an extra element to head but it’s not necessary. Now, deep throating makes the head of my penis feel something slightly different and it's that slightly different feeling that men like. It's something different. I couldn't get off from that alone but when you add it as an extra , then it becomes orgasmic!

Jose: Deep throat is not a must but IT SURE IS GREAT. Just swallow or let me cum in her mouth. 2 THUMBS UP

My fearless, mostly permanent men, o' the hour are:
Jose from Ellora's Cave and the Cave Chaos Radio. His segments are extremely funny. If you haven't listened, you need to... right now! I mean it... GO! I'll wait...

Justin Whitfield, one of our resident Cavemen, author and bar owner of The End Zone Sports Bar and Grill. If you haven't read Take It Off! check it out on Amazon, B&N and Ellora's Cave.

Do you have a question that's been burning in your mind that only a man could answer?  Want to know something that even your better half won't answer?Ever read something in a erotic book about a man and wondered if it was true?

If you ask 'off topic' questions on this blog post, I promise we will get to them in later segments. Feel free to leave the guys questions about their answers above.

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  1. Why do guys have to get insanely jealous? Scenario: There's a girl you like a lot, even love. She gets along better with men than she does with females for the simple reason that women are too much drama, and therefore has some guy friends of her own. If you can't help her because you're at work, or with family, or just simply unable to, but one of her guy friends can, and your jealousy button gets slammed by a constipated monkey. WHY do you guys let it get the better of you and you start insulting the guy and making fun of him? Does it make y'all feel better?

    1. Jordan, great question. I'll add it to the list!


    2. I personally avoid girls who say they have no girlfriends, only guys. BIG warning sign for me. Why does she not have any gf's? Plus, I believe that men and women cannot be just friends. Not close friends anyway, without ANY attraction. I am not jealous but do not want my girl running to another guy when she and I fight. Perfect set up for sympathy sex. I have lots of girl friends but there is a line you don't cross. Respect. If its a mutual guy friend, I don't mind him helping my girl. I don't belittle other guys to make myself feel better. Many guys do. Being a dancer, the insecurities left a long time ago.

    3. See Justin? You have lots of girl friends but what line? Lol

      I have a few close girlfriends, but my guy gets crazy jealous when a guy friend from work can come save me from a flat when he couldn't (he lives in another state...) I do tend to get along better with guys because there's just less drama. every girlfriend I have I've been friends with for 7 years or more.

  2. Yeah for the guys answering our crazy Cabal questions! This is such an awesome idea, Lea! :D

  3. It's kind of like an x-rated, masculine version of Dear Abby...or...not like Dear Abby at all, but I do think this is going to be full of awesomesauce! And no, that is not a euphemism for anything else. *shuts up*

  4. Anya and Danica- Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I'm already giggling about next weeks post!

  5. I'm disappointed we didn't get to Sasha's "question" but I have faith it's coming. ;-) Let's see...*looking back at answers* Okay Justin. Frankly I'm shocked (and yet totally not after you explained it) that a man doesn't want to be sucked while getting head. I kinda figured there was a reason for the term "sucking cock". Perhaps in my book I'll start calling it "licking and stroking cock and balls". Wait, that doesn't have the same ring...

    Thanks so much for being here, guys. I do enjoy probing men, and watching them shudder when I say that.

    1. Oh, her question is definitely slated for one of the upcoming weeks.;o)

  6. Interesting abt the sucking/too sensitive thing. This explains some things. No I'm not giving deets.

    And y'all act like my question is so risque. Meanwhile some Ppl are fucking other Ppl's faces. Love it (and using it in current WIP). Thanks for being here guys!

    1. I don't think it's that your question is so risque as much as it's to the point. Two words, right?

      And I feel like I'm hijacking Lea's blog. I love you, Lea!

    2. Love you too, Danica! *smooches* Hijack away... I expect nothing less from the Cabal! LOL

    3. We are hijacking it. We're the Cabal. She fully expects this.

  7. "And in today's news, Lea Barrymire's blog broke the interwebz...There's also a newly discovered threat to smexy men everywhere. They call themselves the Cabal of Hotness. Dancers, models, men who could be either are warned that these women are dangerous when traveling in packs..."

  8. Love the answers, guys. I wondered about something neither of you addressed: the power dynamic. Does it flip your switch to know you've got your hands wrapped in her hair and she's (not) sucking cock? Just curious. I know for some women the power dynamic of giving head is intoxicating.

    Also, off topic here but a question: will someone please describe the actual, physical experience of a male orgasm in detail? I have too many orgasms in my book that I may be "faking." C'mon, please? Break it down for me so I can return the favor for my readers. :D

    1. Denise- The orgasm question is actually on deck for next week. I'm seriously ready to take notes on that one!

      That is a great question about the power dynamic!

    2. Power dynamic: it's fun to have and to hold but more fun to share it.

  9. Thanks for the awesome answers guys!

    So here's a related discussion question... Not sure if Lea has it covered or not but here it is:

    What would you suggest to all women reading when it comes to what they need to do to get a guy more willing to reciprocate a BJ?

    I think Lea has my others:)

    Thanks again guys:)

  10. Thanks guys. I always wanted to know what guys thought about BJs in their own uncensored words.

  11. I like your question Cara. He loved getting head but didn't like returning the favor. I will have to remember that sucking part. So is there ever a time when you just like to have your cock sucked?

    1. Hell yea. If the lady feel like just sucking my dick she can whenever lol. I prefer just head after a long or tiring day, or even after sports(after shower of course). When I am in a relaxed and just wanna chill state; just head makes it that much better. No work for me involved just yours face and my dick lol

    2. Julianne, I was just chatting with the guys and got clarification, which is good information!

      Lea to the guys: Okay, but I think Julianne was asking sucking vs slippin' N slidin'. Is there a time you want actual suction? I think this goes to Justin's explanation that suction isn't needed.

      Justin: NO SUCTION! It doesn't feel too good!

      Jose: just slip n slide....and keep WET

    3. Wow, so my research question DID get answered. Was wondering if that was personal preference on their part, but it doesn't sound like it.
      Yeah, I tried to ask my research assistant. His only answer was that it required further analysis.

    4. Yes, that was my question, just some enthusiastic sucking. :) So, I'm taking notes for future reference.
      Thanks guys.

  12. I do believe this is the best blog post I've ever read!! Jose and Justin are so awesome for answering these questions so honestly!!

    Okay, so let's get more graphic. (Did you expect anything less from me??)

    1) Guys, I understand wetness is good, but what about sloppy? Is it awesome when a girl gets things REALLY wet? Like down & dirty wet? Or is that just messy?

    2) What's hotter--technique or enthusiasm? Would you prefer a girl who is really talented, or a girl who acts like your dick and your cum are the absolute favorite thing she can put in her mouth and she's sucking and licking your cock like money for new shoes is gonna come out of it?

    3) Please rank in order of preference: --she swallows your cum --she finishes your blowjob by making you cum (visibly for you) into her mouth and maybe on her face --she finishes the blowjob by letting you cum on her tits?

    Okay, those are all the male things I woke up wondering about this morning! :)

    1. Piper... oh, Piper... I'm going to keep question for a later segment, probably next Thursday's. I'll get them to answer the first two. LOL

    2. 1) love it sloppy ! Less friction.
      2) enthusiasm is a huge turn on but technique gets the job done
      3) finishes in her mouth is 1.
      2) swallow
      3) cum on tits (least favorite!)