Friday, October 5, 2012

Lea Barrymire is 1 year old...

What a fabulous year I've had. Just over a year ago I sat down with the idea of writing an erotic romance. I'd just gotten a Kindle and had started reading lots of books I would never have gotten at the library. I found some amazing authors and read hundreds of books within a very short period of time. After reading a few I had an epiphany, I knew I could write a better book. No clear path was in front of me, but I thought, 'Hey, I can write a story like this.'

So, with a new notebook, a pencil and a fuzzy idea I sat and worked out Cain's world. He was my first hero. The genetically engineered soldier, emotionally hollow, physically lonely. Cain's story flowed fast and sure from my fingers. I worked for hours on the backstory, building the world and other characters in hopes of a possible series.

When the first words finally were typed I felt an instant freedom. I could take Cain and his buddies on the ride of their life, throw in some action, some sex and magically Cain's Salvation was born. I polished it, reread the story twenty times, reworked and rewrote so many parts of it. In the end, though, I had a work that I was very proud of.

With shaking hands I submitted his story to two publishers, and the waiting game was on. While I waited, I researched authors, read their histories and prepared myself to have his story rejected. It didn't take long for the first rejection letter to come in, then another, then another. I tried not to let it get me down. I continued writing, finishing Maggie's Abduction and Half in Love while I still plodded along with Cain's rejections.

Maggie's Abduction was the first book I had accepted. That day is still burned into my memory. December 14th at 6:14pm I recieved the email that changed it all. These two sentences were the best thing I'd read in forever: Thank you for sending your book, Maggie's Abduction. We would like to publish it at Siren-BookStrand.

The rest is history. Since then I've published six books, including Cain's story. I've enjoyed my first sale, my first professional review, my first royalty check. I've felt the pull to create more, and then the realization that I can't write full time because of life's commitments. But through it all I've totally enjoyed the ride. Every day that I can log into Twitter or Facebook and interact with readers I feel completely blessed.

Thanks to everyone that has been hanging in there with me for the year. I appreciate each and everyone of you, be you a friend, a author, a reader, or just someone that stumbled across my blog. I hope for another exciting year for all of us!



  1. Thank you! It's been a great year. Lea

  2. WOW< 6 books in one year. Congratulations.

    1. It's been a crazy year! Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by.


  3. Congrats! You've done a lot in one year:) Happy Birthday "Lea"!