Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Taste of Destiny Release Day

Another Taste of Destiny, an EC for Men, releases today!

Joe’s marriage is on the rocks. His wife has even seen a lawyer. So it’s the worst possible time for a brassy hooker to walk into his life and send him reeling with lust. After a quick-and-dirty encounter in the men’s bathroom, Joe is hard pressed to think about anything but her. Destiny. His Destiny.

He has to see her again…and again. Will Destiny be the final nail in his marriage’s coffin? Or might giving in to his darkest, most depraved desires be the only way to save it?
Here's an excerpt:
“What the fuck?” The whisper escaped Joe’s lips before he could stop it. He watched the woman stroll through the doors into the Stone’s Throw Diner and was fascinated by what he saw. He’d seen hookers before when he’d driven through the city or on TV, but to see one up close and personal was disconcerting. She wasn’t truly beautiful, not in the Hollywood sense of the word, but she was pretty. At first glance he guessed her to be in her late twenties but she could easily have been closer to mid-thirties. Her outfit was telling—street corners and fast money were her game. A black lace bra peeked out from behind a torn bright-pink tank top, her ample breasts barely contained by the material. Brown curls hung to her waist, swinging with each roll of her hips. Her jean shorts were cut so short that he could almost see her pussy when she walked. Long tanned legs went on for miles before ending in fuck-me black heels. His cock stirred, hardening in his pants.
He worked his eyes back up to take in the whole package and was captured by the most piercing set of crystal-blue eyes he had ever seen. Now those babies were gorgeous. Her makeup was not subtle but it did enhance her looks. Dark lipstick seemed to match her long fingernails. Her eyes were lined with something dark, drawing every glance to them.
Realization hit when she started working her way to his table. He had been staring at her for minutes now and it seemed she’d noticed. He broke eye contact and looked back at his drink. Fuck. He was waiting for Patty and he was pretty sure she’d be pissed if she saw his reaction to the woman. He was painfully hard and wanted desperately to shift his dick so it wasn’t being pinched, but he didn’t want to draw attention to his pants or the uncomfortable bulge hidden in them. Don’t look up and maybe she’ll walk on by.
In his peripheral vision he saw a bright-pink tank top sidle up to him. He glanced up and was caught by those knowing eyes. She bent toward him, spilling more creamy flesh from her lacy undergarment. One red-tipped hand settled on the table, the other ran lightly from her ear down the soft curve of her neck and nestled in her cleavage. “Hey baby. You waitin for somebody?”
Her voice was sultry, a siren’s call to his blood. Holy fuck. He glanced toward the front of the diner. No one seemed to be watching them, which meant everyone was. He swallowed nervously. “Um…” His voice squeaked. He cleared his throat and tried again. “I’m waiting for my wife.”
Mmm, married. Nice. How much time you got before she’s supposed to be here?” Joe watched the fingers that were resting between her breasts and wanted to be them. She had bent forward a bit farther as she spoke and he could see dark pink areolas peeking from the lace. He could tell her nipples would be large and the same color. She chuckled and his cock jumped in reaction. God, her voice was sinful. “You have enough time to sample the wares?”
His eyes widened in surprise and shot to hers. Their depths held amusement and a deep knowledge. No. He couldn’t do that to Patty. Their marriage was already on the rocks. He shouldn’t even be thinking about this woman, or talking to her, and definitely shouldn’t be staring at her tits. He shouldn’t be imagining how good they’d feel resting in his palms or wrapped around his aching cock. Deep inside, though, he wanted to take her up on the offer. He mentally tallied the cash in his wallet. Fuck. What are you doing, man?
“I can see you’re thinking about it. I’m going to wander back that way.” She thumbed over her shoulder toward the restrooms. The movement pulled a breast far enough from the cup of lace that an erect nipple slid out, teasing him. “If you got the balls and a few minutes why don’t you let me take care of this for you?”
He watched in horrified fascination as the hand resting on the table moved to his crotch. He should stop her—he should be pissed that she would dare touch him. Instead he watched with bated breath as she slowly stroked his throbbing shaft through his jeans with her fingernails. A shiver of want went down his spine. He swallowed a moan and closed his eyes. When he opened them again he caught just a quick back view of the woman and almost came in his pants. Her shorts were cut so high that he could see full cheeks and a hint of shaved pink pussy. Holy shit. The knowledge that the entire diner would have seen shaved lips when she bent to talk to him was the topper on his what-the-fuck cake.
You can’t do this, Joe. You just can’t. What’s Patty going to think? You know she’s seen a lawyer. Do you really want to ruin your marriage for a tryst in the bathroom?

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