Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reviews and Updates

I was flipping back through my posts and I haven't really given an update in a while. So, today, I'll cover the update and list some awesome reviews that have come my way.

Another Taste of Destiny, my first EC for Men, is in its final stages and should have a release date soon. I absolutely LOVE the cover.Destiny is a great story with a twist. I can't tell you or the book loses its fun, but I can tell you that Joe, the main character, is a married man with a secret. He finds himself spending more and more time with a prostitute even knowing his marriage is on the rocks. Destiny takes him to heights he's never known, but what will the cost be to his life?

I'm happy to say that I've FINALLY finished and submitted Bound at the Ball. Rella, youngest sister in the Cinder clan, comes of age and is forced to attend the Unity Festival Ball. She's been hoping to unravel the secrets that surround the ball, but find that she's swept into a world of oversized, dominant warriors. There's a taste of D/s, some bondage to flavor this little gem. The whole story is a dark version of Cinderella. Lots of fun to write!


Next up on my list to finish is Accidentally Yours. Its the first in a shifter series set in a fictitious town called Coyote Bluff. Ian is a lone wolf, living on the fringes of town trying to keep the Alpha from caring that he's there. Driven from his home because of a mistake years earlier, Ian is wary of other shifters. His thoughts are well founded. Cammie is a normal human woman caught in a life she doesn't want. Abused by her boyfriend, lonely and hurting from the loss of her father she aches for something better. Can fate throw them together to heal their hearts? YES... but I'm not telling you what happens. :o)


That brings me to reviews. Here are just a few of the newest ones:

Valentine Master
5 of 5 Paddles: Enjoyable read! While the story is a quick read at only 40 pages it’s a great read. It’s nice to read a story where the two characters, Heather and Mick, are trying to work out their marriage. The beginning of the story almost sets the stage to most typical marriage in today’s world where one person feels stressed, over worked, and  undervalued that will ultimately ends in divorce. Mick’s ability to try to meet his wife’s needs and not take it as a criticism shows his character, strength, and the love he has for his wife.   This book should be only anyone’s to be read pile.  The kink in this story does not overpower the message in the story.

Half in Love
This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

What wasn't to like about this book? Fun characters, hot love scenes and a story I enjoyed enough to read the book all in one sitting.

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