Monday, June 4, 2012

Erotic Badlib Blog Hop and Giveaway Sign-up

What is better than writing erotic romance? Filling out a Badlib to make it as dirty as possible? Of course! 
I have the Badlib form, do you have the naughtiness to fill it out and post?

Aug 10th through the 14th
 I am hosting the 
Erotic BadLib Blog Hop and Giveaway

If you are an author, blogger, or just plain ol' reader and you want to participate read the rules and sign up below. 

I will send you the BadLib in a word document when you sign up. But for those that are unsure, here are the first two sentences to give you a taste...

Damian __(verb)_____ across the __(noun)___. His ____(adjective)_____ _____(noun)____ made Libby weak.

Damian __Stalked_____ across the __rug___. His ____immense_____ ____erection____ made Libby weak.

1. Sign up before Aug 4th below using the linky list.
2. Create and post your blog badlib page by 12:01am Aug 10th. Have fun and be creative in your use of verbs and whatnot.
3. Offer something as a giveaway. An ebook, a paperback, swag, jewelry, whatever. Make sure to indicate whether your giveaway is international, US/Canada, or US Only.
4. Include your giveaway in your madlib post with instructions on how someone can enter on your post. You are in charge or your own giveaway, so be sure to be specific.
5. Include the badge (pic above) in your post.
6. Include the linky list to participating blogs on your post (you will receive this code by email closer to the start of the hop). If not, please add a link to this post which contains the list of participants.

Thanks to everyone that enters! Have fun!


  1. Awesome. I'm a slap-dash-writer who can't keep his sentences from going on N on N on... Take whatever you desire, girl (especially 'MySoulAccomplishment' and 'ClosinMyEyes'), but you gotta allow me to kiss your feets in Heaven. God bless you.

  2. I'm just waiting for your excerpt posts. Can't wait to read them. <3

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