Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snippet

With all the excitement I had with the release of Maggie's Abduction, I sort of let Willie fall to the wayside. She's not a character to ignore, though, so she reminded me that she needed a little time in the spotlight.

Half in Love releases May 10th from Siren. 

It's my first paranormal/shifter/vampire book to release, but it definitely was a fun one to write. Willie, the heroine, is a strong, vicious female that doesn't like change. She, literally, trips over a vampire named Nickola that turns her world upside-down. Her cougar is convinced from the first sniff that Nick is their mate. Willie isn't so sure and fights Fate's design for as long as she can.

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Here is an excerpt from Half in Love to celebrate Willie's hard exterior and quick possessiveness:

“Thanks. For what it’s worth, I really do appreciate your help.” She cleared her throat, almost choking on the words. They tasted foreign on her tongue, but she needed to explain her gratitude even if she didn’t want to.
She would have said more, but the door swung open and an absolutely gorgeous female vampire strolled into the room. Tall, blonde, and leggy. She was dressed in a navy blue skirt suit with matching heels and an aura even Willie could see. She was powerful, and from the smile on her face she was happy to see the males. Hips swayed as the female swept into the room. Willie’s cougar growled as the female approached Nick with a sexy swagger.
“Nickola, how nice to see you again. How have you been?” The female had gotten way too close to Nick for Willie’s comfort. Her kitty was yowling. He was theirs. When the vamp bitch leaned in to kiss Nick, Willie snapped.
“Back off,” Willie growled. Her voice had deepened and had a touch of feral-kitty to it. She could feel her canines elongating, and she knew her eyes would be changing to amber. Her cougar side was too close to her skin, and having another female so close to her mate was too much. The image of ripping the head off the vamp was so powerful she fought to keep control of her kitty. Shifting would be a bad idea, but she was lost in the anger and territorial possessiveness. Nick was hers. No one would live after touching him. She peeled her upper lip back and thrilled in the slight fear that crossed the female’s face. Willie was scary, but possessive Willie was terrifying.
A strong hand grasped her upper arm. The contact broke into her thoughts enough that she could cage her cat. A growl still rumbled in her chest, but she had a better hold on her feline side. She was dragged across the room and blocked from seeing what transpired between the female and Nick by a broad chest.
“Enough.” Alex’s hand still rested on her arm, but it was the single word that he uttered that almost brought her to her knees. His voice was smooth as silk and just above a whisper, but the power behind it was enough to cripple her. “You will not attack anyone in this building, no matter what you see. He is not interesting in any other females. Nod if you understand.”
Her head flopped on a weak neck. Yes, she understood. Stupid vampires and their stupid “no kill” promises. A deep breath in and out of her lungs helped clear the rage from her thoughts. She had heard stories about the possessiveness associated with mates but hadn’t really believed any of it. Now she understood. She could almost taste the death of that female on her tongue. Wanted to take her down and show the world that Nick was hers. Her own death would be a fine payment for proving that he was hers. She shook her head to clear the remainder of the anger and instinctual impulses throbbing through her body. She leaned her head back and found a relaxed Alex grinning at her.
“You are indeed going to be a joy to watch. Now, you must be in control before I release you. If you harm Anna, I won’t be able to keep them from killing you. She is important to the Council, like a prized pet of sorts.” He smoothed a hand down her back like he was petting a cornered animal. “Will you behave so that I may release you?”
“Yeah, I’m good.”

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