Monday, April 2, 2012

You write what?! The question and the answers I love to give

I write erotic romance novels. With sex in them. Hot, totally spelled out, explicit, pussy-wetting sex. Yep, I said it. I don't write some innuendo laden, softly speckled with kisses, they don't touch until after marriage romance. I write gritty, sexy, explicit books that contain lots of hot, steamy sex.

Admitting it on my own blog is different then explaining that to my daughter's teacher, or to the woman that lives next door. Am I proud of what I do? ABSOLUTELY! Does everyone in my world need to know about it? Nope. So, step one, have a pen name. CHECK. Step two, come up with ways to head off the conversation so you don't embarrass the person asking. Most of the time... CHECK

Usually my conversations about what I write start out innocent:
"Oh, you write, that's awesome... what do you write."

That leads to all kinds of things. Most of the time I am very forward about it, because, shit... I write erotic stories for a living. I don't have problems with expressing my thoughts. The reactions are the best, though:
"I can't believe you write that." or "Really, what have you written?" or "Huh, sweet, when's your next book out?"

It's the people that persist when I'm trying to save them that drive me the most nuts. If I am being evasive, take the hint. If you decide to push me for the truth, then take it like a grown up and don't start sputtering. I can't help it if "sex" is a swear word in your world. "Sex" is a tame word in my world. Things like pussy and cock are just the tip of the iceberg for fun words in what I write.

Am I writing for most people? Nope. I write stories that like minded people will find fun, entertaining and genital-warming. I don't expect the women in my church group to read my books. I honestly don't expect my mom to read them. So, don't judge my creative outlet. If you don't like it, don't read it. I don't much like pickled beets, but I don't attack people who make them! Okay, even that is a bad example, but its funny...

So, I will say it again. Yes, I right erotica. I love reading it. I love writing it, and plan on continuing doing so for a while.


  1. :) Love it! I commend you for both your tact and your brazeness. It's a fine line to walk but there are times when you just gotta be who you are and do what you do. I faced the same dilemma for years, then my son went to high school and it all changed. He (and his friends) are ridiculously proud of my achievements and they coined my books "Chick Porn." Cracks me up. And boy, have they sold a lot of books for me. They carry my business cards and post cards around to hand out. Open House is always interesting, too.
    Keep up the good writing and the good promoting and kick more ass!!

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for the comment. And, let me tell you, your son and his friends are awesome! Chick porn is great!

  2. LOL!! So so true...and the beets is a great example!!

    BTW..saw on Twitter you are from western NY...are you a member of RWA?? Our local chapter is having an open house on May 19th :)

  3. I'm not a member yet, but once I get through the summer I am definitely interested. I've talked to Amanda about the meetings a few times. Thanks for the invite to the open house, but that's my anniversary weekend.