Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- 4/29

Six Sentence Sunday is a great way for an author to tantalize in a very short piece from their work. I haven't been really good about doing them, but thought this week I needed to give you two. Maggie's Abduction has been out for a little over a week, and Half in Love releases in a couple of weeks, around May 10th. I received the cover art on Friday and love it!

Maggie's Abduction is a sci-fi, erotic romance about a woman, Maggie, who is... you guessed it, abducted. She's taken from Earth and given to an alien male as a distraction, a play thing. His race believes that females are submissive in and out of bed. She has to learn quickly how to behave appropriately. She does find herself being punished publicly for speaking out of turn. Here are the six sentences for Maggie:
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Maggie squeaked as her world tumbled. She realized that Raharan had flipped her over and she lay on her stomach on the edge of the table. Shock stilled her limbs for a moment while she processed what he had said. He was going to take her in front of his males, right here in the cafeteria, as her punishment for some boundary she had unknowingly overstepped. She was naked and being held down by the male that claimed her,. He was stronger, bigger, and at the moment angered beyond reason. 

Half in Love is a paranormal story about a shifter female, Willimena, who is partially changed as a teenager. Willie is a loner, straddling two worlds because of her shifter and vamp natures. Neither group wants her, and most often try to kill her if they find her. One night she stumbles across a male vampire who seems to be incapacitated. She so wants to run, but finds she is drawn to him. Here are the six sentences for Willie:
Available May 10th from Siren BookStrand

Liquid lust flowed through her body, pooling in the apex of her thighs. Her pussy clenched and heated. With the first draw of blood from the puncture wound at her neck, she felt a climax build. With the second slow suckling against her skin, her orgasm exploded. A moan escaped her lips as she melted against his body. She shivered when his tongue swiped over the punctures, sealing them.

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