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Rose Leigh Woods Debut Release- Saving Treasure

Please help me celebrate the release of Saving Treasure, a MMF contemporary erotic romance, 
by Rose Leigh Woods!

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for her debut novel. Below are the answer to some burning questions we all want to know.

1. Tell us about your latest book.
My book is a menage that has some MM play, but it primarily has MFM fun.  It starts with Treasure's escape from an abusive and blackmailing situation.  She's never felt at home at a place.  To her, home was represented by being around family and people she loved because her father was an Army officer.  She wrecks her car, and this guy, James, saves her.  He takes her home to where he and his best friend/lover live.  They get her to stay and give her roots, which is something she had never had before.
2. Are you a planner or a pantser?
I'm writing buddies with Marla Monroe, who is amazing.  I told her that I try to be a planner, but I just never seem to stick to it so far.  She said I was a planster.  I had to laugh and say that I was a planner wannabe, but in reality, I'm a pantser.
3. Do you have anything in common with your characters?
Originally, the resemblance was superficial in that I am a military brat as well.  I found as I went through my book to edit it that I bled into my character more than I intended.  She has the same easy going and friendly demeanor I have.  Both of my heroes actually resemble my husband in some way too.  My husband is the type of guy who will help anyone, whether he knows them or not like James.  He is also a bit of a joker and light hearted like Chad.
4. What items are necessary to get you into your writing mojo?
I have to have a little bit of noise.  I will either have a movie or music playing.  I think my favorite writing movies are Waitress and a German movie called The Princess and the Warrior.  As far as music, I listen to almost everything from P!nk to Wild Cherry.  As long as it has a good beat, I'm happy.  Caffeine is also essential.  Chocolate is nice too.  Chocolate is always good. 
If I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful flow of scenes and am in my characters' heads, then I can write no matter what.  It helps that my house is never truly quiet with my younger brothers and sisters dropping in, nephew, about to be nephews, and my son around.
5. Who are some of your favorite authors?
I don't know if I have a favorite author, per se.  I read whatever happens to float my boat.  One day, I may be reading a paranormal story, and the next, it could be historical.  I've looked through some of the books on my kindle, and I've got Marla Monroe's,Eve Langlais's, Cooper McKenzie's, Becca Van's, R.G. Alexander's, Erin M. Leaf's and several others' books when it comes to the romance/erotica.
6. What do you do when you're not writing?
I have a full time job, which I love even though it is exhausting.  I work in a high school, helping to mold young minds while making them think either harder or smarter than they've previously been used to doing.  I have an 11 year old son, and I've been married going on 12 years.  We often goof off together, we work at home together, and my husband and I do our best to shape our son into someone he can be proud to be.  When I'm not writing, I'm helping somebody.  Writing is what I do for myself, and I love it.
7. How can your fans find you on the net?
I'm on facebook, and I ecstatically accept all friend requests.  I do hope to have a blog one day.  If anyone would like to send a private email, my email address is

Sexy excerpt? Sure. Read below:

The sight of those sexy little rings going through her nipple tortured James. He had to touch them. He couldn’t resist them any more.
He flicked the ring up and down while kissing her again and using his tongue to fuck her mouth. She moaned into the kiss. Her hips bucked, and her hands sought both men’s erections. She touched James’s through his boxers and sweats that he had opted to put on before carrying her into his bed. Chad had only been wearing boxers that opened easily at the front, allowing his hardened length to escape and her to caress it.
Chad began swearing as she touched his shaft without any barrier between her hand and his hot, hard, smooth skin. She turned from James and took in the taut tendons in his neck. His hips thrust into her hand, encouraging her to tighten her grip. He swore when she leaned down and added the sensation by licking his nipple.
James pulled back when Chad rolled on top of Treasure, trapping her under him.
He watched Chad and Treasure as he removed his pants and his boxers. He was harder than he had been from watching them. Chad licked the aureole as he seemed to savor the slow build up before he took the nipple ring James had neglected into his mouth and tugged. He could tell Treasure was close as her hips bucked into Chad.
He reached under the other man and pulled Treasure’s thin pants down. Chad moved to her side to see what James exposed. They looked at the soft cotton panties that exposed the bottoms of her ass to his view.
James looked straight into Chad’s eyes as he began to pull them down for their first glimpse of her pussy. Chad’s eyes were glued to the skin James was revealing. Chad hissed at the sight, obviously becoming hotter for her by the second and her tormenting touch.
James finally looked at her smooth pussy, the wet lips glistening and calling them to sample her flavor. Her lower lips were becoming pinker and wetter by the second. Chad hadn’t moved a muscle since James tugged them down. Chad’s eyes burned as they studied her. His hand trembled as it reached and touched the top of the cleft now exposed to him. James saw him admiring the smoothness of the skin he encountered there. His cock pulsed in demand, wanting to be buried inside that wet pussy.
James leaned over Treasure and kissed Chad savagely. Their tongues met and stroked. This wasn’t playful or teasing. It was need, and it was something that couldn’t be denied.
He grabbed the other man’s fingers and guided them through her slickness. They touched her clit, circling it until she was gasping. James kept moving Chad’s finger until it grazed her opening. Their finger slid inside her slippery cunt together. Their fingers thrusted deep together as their teeth clashed and their tongues wound around one another.
Unintelligible sounds escaped Treasure as she watched her two guys kiss. James loved the sounds that they were dragging from her.
“Please,” she begged while arching her hips closer to them.
James left for the briefest moment and handed a condom to Chad. He looked down into Treasure’s eyes to find them unfocused as she looked from him to Chad possessively and pleadingly. He pulled her to him until she straddled his hips. His hands shook as he fumbled with a condom packet.
He stilled when she slid down his body, coming to rest between his thighs. Their eyes stayed connected as she leaned down and kissed his hip. Her tongue glided along his skin, and his cock throbbed a plea for her to continue.
He couldn’t look away from her dark green eyes as she leaned closer and licked the pulsing head, drawing a sharp curse from him. Precum beaded from the slit, and she savored its salty goodness that carried his musk to her taste buds. His hands grabbed at everything within reach—pillows, blankets, sheets—to give him some firm hold in reality, enough to distract him. He had to stop himself from blowing his load like a teenager. Her mouth was a perfect contrast to Chad’s. The condom remained in his hand, forgotten and crushed in his grip.
     She sucked the throbbing head into her hot, wet mouth. He looked into Chad’s eyes, finding him riveted to the torture Treasure was wildly bestowing upon him. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take before losing all control. Chad must have known how close he was because the condom he had given him earlier was ripped from its package and rolled onto his own needy dick.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous read! CONGRATS on the release! :)