Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thirteen things I love about spring

Because we've reached the first day of spring I wanted to share some of my favorite things from my favorite season. I am sure there are tons of other things to love about spring, but here are the top thirteen for me. Happy Spring!

1. Watching the tulip leaves push up through the soil
2. Sunlight early in the morning
3. Warm rains that make you want to be five again so you can stomp in puddles
4. The smell of blossoms on the breeze
5. Spring peepers just before bedtime
6. Finding a salamander hiding under a rock
7. Adolescent robins irritating their parents for food when they are already fully grown
8. The smell of grills and BBQ's on the weekends
9. Being able to wear a sweatshirt and shorts as an acceptable combination
10. The sound of a baseball being tossed for hours in the backyard
11. Having the windows open during the day
12. Watching the tree buds open into tiny leaves
13. Riding bikes after a long winter

I hope you all a wonderful spring!

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