Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirteen sexy, or not so sexy, locations for upcoming books

I love setting my books in mountainous places. Maybe its because I've always lived in flat, plain locations. Maybe mountains are just mysterious and sexy. For my upcoming books I am going to try and extend my horizons and select a few different locales.

Here are 13 places I would love to use as a romance novel setting:

1. Orlando, FL (too many amusement attractions to pass up)
2. Rome, Italy
3.Chicago, IL (did you know they have a museum of sex?)
4. Sedona, AZ (beautiful, 'nough said)
5. Philadelphia, PA (actually I want to set it in the aquarium in Camden, NJ... but close enough)
6. Burlington, VT
7. Frankfurt, Germany (lived there and it was AWESOME!)
8. Jekyll Island, GA
9. Billings, MT (I know, mountains, but still... great fishing)
10. Under the sea (Lil' mermaid fans will like this one)
11. Big Lick, NC (what a line some guy could come up with for that town!)
12. Looneyville, WV (Ha, couldn't pass this name up)
13.A planet far, far away

Enjoy your Thursday!

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