Monday, March 5, 2012

Is it harder to write sex scenes or the story in between?

I spent the weekend working through my latest WIP. As I toiled through a sex scene that just wouldn't go the way I wanted it to and the hours ticked by, I started thinking about the difference between the "story" and the "scenes". During a normal hour sprint I can write about 1300 words. Now, that is dependent on having a fairly clear idea of where the story is going. I find that working on the story is so much easier for me. It flows faster and perhaps that's because there is dialog that carries the characters further. A love scene may take me three hours to write and its only 1000 ish words long.

Maybe it's because when you are writing a scene about two people walking through a park and talking you don't have to dwell on the actions needed. Walking is walking. I don't describe the way their shoes feel, what the substrate they are walking on smells like. I don't go into detail about what muscles are doing what while they are moving. You can just say they walked and everyone knows what that is.

With a love scene descriptions are absolutely necessary. I try to be very descriptive so someone reading the passage doesn't have one of those "wait, what?" moments. There's nothing worse then reading a love scene and then stopping because either the actions are impossible or just don't go with the flow. So, sex isn't just a simple "walk in the park" to write (see what I did there?! Ha!)

Anyone else find one or the other more difficult?

Happy Monday, everyone.

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