Friday, March 2, 2012

Edits, finally!

Maggie's Abduction edits finally arrived today. *cue happy dance* I love seeing the formatted pages. There's something awesome about seeing a story you have poured your thought and hard work into that finally looks like a book.

Something I noticed this time around is that I am not the abuser of commas that I thought I was. In fact, I tend to leave many commas out of my thoughts. Interesting and definitely something I will work on in the future. I spent time today going through the line edits.

For rewrites it looks that my heroine tends to spend too much time going to sleep or waking up as chapter starts and stops. I didn't notice this trend when I was writing it and I laughed when I read the editor's comments. I must have been tired when I was writing the end of each chapter!

Rewrites and fixes are on tap for tomorrow morning when I have had time to think about what is needed. I can then send a colorful manuscript back and wait impatiently for the next set of edits.

Wish me luck!

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