Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emotional rollercoaster

Last night was a typical emotional rollercoaster night for me. Received an email from one publisher informing me that Cain made it through the first screening. YEAH! Let the happy dance commence. Then, shortly after that I received another email stating that Toy Box was not a good fit for their lineup. BOOOOO!

Of course I am thrilled about Cain's progress but then to have my parade rained on shortly after was just irritating. I'm just glad I got the good news before the bad.

I have thick skin and that I know that not all of my books will be picked up right away. Reality is that there are thousands of people writing and submitting books, some much better than mine I am sure. So, for me to be accepted at all is a miracle in itself. Well, and the enjoyment I get from writing far outweighs the blow to my ego I take every time a book is rejected.

3 sleeps til Christmas! I don't know how much writing I will get done between now and then but I'm going to try and keep some sort of focus for the rest of the year.

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