Monday, December 19, 2011

Creative Juices Flowing.... sounds disgusting

How many times have you heard that phrase and pictured something not so appetizing? I am going to write today, or at least the characters in my head are suggesting we write today. I had one of those weekends that puts gray hair on weaker people and beer in the guts of others. With the sunrise on today I have decided that all the stress and angst from the weekend will just fuel the fevered typing and see if I can't get poor Willie finished and off to some publishers. I sometimes wonder why I can write pages of worthy material one day and nothing the next, but I guess its all because of these bodily fluids that must flow and stream someplace within myself. Still disgusting, right?

Wish me luck. Willie is facing off with the vampire Council of the NE USA today in my pages. She is pissed and scared, so I am sure she will utter some funny and irritating lines!

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